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Everyone should be able to enjoy intimate, personal pleasure to its fullest limits. It’s a universal human right, one that deserves respect, support and protection.

That’s exactly what we do at LELO. We support the right to pleasure, and we’re dedicated to it. We live by it and it directs every decision we make. We don’t simply create “sex toys”; we design entire experiences and new dimensions of sensation to ensure you are getting the most intimate fulfillment you possibly can. We take pleasure and put it in the palm of your hand.

For more than a decade, LELO has set the standard with award-winning designs and industry-leading technology. The result? The most beautiful, stylish, elegant objects of pleasure in the world.

Quick Facts

10 million

the number of LELO products sold as of January 2015


the number of international markets in which LELO is currently sold


the number of major design and industry awards won by LELO since 2009

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