Bad Sex Awards

LELO’s Bad Sex Awards: Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Whoever tells you they don’t have an embarrassing story of a sex-related nature is lying through their teeth. Here at LELO, we all have our cringe-worthy anecdotes and we own them. Show us yours and we’ll show you ours.

Bad Sex Awards

There is a saying that comedy equals tragedy plus time. With this, the same rules apply. They might be mortifying at first, but the cringe wears off after a while and so every ridiculous sex story morphs into a hilarious anecdote You know, the one you reach for when you want to impress or entertain your friends with the new levels of awkwardness you’ve managed to achieve.

It’s time to really kick the shame out of the equation and just take these things as they are – funny as hell. Remember, there is no such thing as perfect sex. There is no such thing as sweat-free sex. Everyone pulls funny faces. There are thousands of funny sounds the human body can produce. There are millions of potential ways to end up with the dumbest of injuries, just ask your nearest E.R. doctor, they’ll agree. If there is no judgment, there can be no shame.

So doing what we do here at LELO, we have developed such an appreciation for these tales that we decided to start our own Bad Sex Awards, but we’re definitely not the first ones to think of this. In case you have never heard of the Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Awards, check them out here. As we all know, sometimes life truly does imitate art, but when it comes to awkward sex, real life can be so much worse. For every single award-winning fictional scene you’ll find there, we’ll bet you a pretty penny that someone out there has a real-life story that is so much worse.

It might even be you. And guess what? You’re definitely not alone.

Join in our mission to show sex for what it is – a desperately and completely human experience meant to bring you joy without worrying about the way you look, sound or bend.

We’ll feature the cringiest of cringes in our newsletter, on our blog and social media, so make sure you subscribe and enjoy your monthly dose of sex-gone-hilariously-wrong episodes. To submit your own story, e-mail us at with the subject BAD SEX. Our copywriters will be choosing the winning entries on a monthly basis and deliver them straight to your inbox.

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