Cosplay Sex

Enhance Your Sex Life & Embrace Your True Self with Cosplay

The cosplay subculture is one that’s definitely thriving. And it’s not rare to see cosplay enthusiasts going to all kinds of different lengths in order to immerse themselves into the cosplay world. Which is why the idea of cosplay sex isn’t actually that much of a shocker for some… 

But before we talk about the naughty bits, let’s take a little journey through the world of cosplay for those who aren’t all that familiar with it. 

Cosplay Sex

What is Cosplay?

The word ‘cosplay’ is a Japanese portmanteau (when two words are put together to make one, for e.g. smoke and fog equals smog) of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. 

The term was created in 1984 by a man named Nobuyuki Takahashi who wrote an article in a Japanese magazine called, My Anime. In it, he encouraged attendees of various science fiction conventions to embrace dressing up in costume.

And despite the fact that at that time Japan was no stranger to wearing costumes at events such as masquerades, it was in fact Takahashi’s article that really helped the idea of cosplay to gain traction and popularity. This lead to the world’s first cosplay summit in Japan in 2003.

Today, many find their cosplay inspiration from sources such as anime, cartoons, comic books, manga, TV shows, and video games. Is there an exact way that one should dress in order to be considered a cosplayer? Nope!

Cosplay costumes vary greatly and can go from a simple outfit to elaborate high-detailed costumes. It can also involve unnatural hair colors and prominent body features as well as distinguishing props, making it different to dress up holidays such as Halloween.

A few examples of characters that are often depicted in cosplay are Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Morpheus, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Stormtoopers. 

Blurring the Lines: Cosplay and Sex

With the understanding of cosplay, it’s somewhat easy to deduce what cosplay sex is all about… having sex whilst dressed up in character. Some may argue that it’s the same as role playing or fantasy play, but that’s not necessarily true.

According to sex therapist Dr.Deb Laino, role playing is more so the act of pretending to be someone or to create a scenario. 

Cosplay, on the other hand, is actually feeling as though you are that character. She too reveals that cosplay sex can definitely be considered a kink, and some may want to have sex in character every single time. “For some people, this is a lifestyle,” she says.

How Can Cosplay Enhance Your Sex Life?

Cosplay in the bedroom can be a great and extremely erotic practice for those who have an active imagination and want to experiment with their sexual identity. It’s also a way in which to take one’s interest and transcend it in the bedroom with their partner. 

In an interview, two couples get candid about their cosplay sex life:

Alex Gonzalez, a tattoo artist, talks about his girlfriend, Kelley, who dressed up as Poison Ivy at the NY Comic-Con in 2014 by saying, “All weekend, I was so drawn to her, even more than usual, which is a lot.” The couple even admitted to spending more than 300 hours crafting their costumes together before the big event. 

Couple Michelle and Chris from Brooklyn, NY, too admit that cosplay plays a big role in their lives. They met online and began chatting due to their shared interest in video games. Now, Chris admits: “Her outfits totally turn me on!”.

In this way, cosplay is not only a tool and interest that allows couples to bond together, but also a way in which to increase sexual arousal and keep things interesting and creative in the bedroom. Cosplay sex is seemingly limitless, making it even more kinky for those who love it in and outside of the bedroom.

Get Dressed to Undress

Why would someone go as far as to dress up so elaborately as a character only to have their outfit taken off for sex, one might ask. Well, for centuries costumes have been apart of sex! Take a look at different kinds of lingerie, latex, and props used during sexual trysts, for example. This is a kind of foreplay (and beyond) that enhances the sexual experience. 

It’s not about dressing up to get undressed, but more so taking on a character, really feeling bold, sexy, and attractive as said-character, and allowing that to fuel and turn on both partners.

Picking a Cosplay Costume

For newbies to the cosplay scene who are a bit shy or apprehensive, or those who are simply looking for a bit of inspiration or encouragement, there are a few things you can do in order to prepare yourself mentally and physically for cosplay (sex):

  • Go to a burlesque show for inspiration
  • Watch a strip tease to help gain self-confidence
  • Do a strip tease for your partner
  • Research characters that’ll make you feel powerful and sexy, attractive, and confident
  • Find a character that makes you feel powerful and that really turns your partner on
  • Wear a costume that’s not too hard to get out of
  • Go to a sci-fi, Comic-Con, or cosplay convention to see people in action

Dressing Up in Costume: What’s the Appeal?

Dressing up, as mentioned, is not a new concept… and it’s been around for a lot longer than cosplay has. But what is it about dressing up in cosplay costumes that is so appealing?

For one, cosplay lovers are able to find their ‘tribe’ by attending cosplay events and dressing up. They’re able to connect with others who share the same interests and passion whilst exploring the idea of connection and identity. 

On the other hand, cosplay lovers may just simply love the idea of being creative, exploring their talent in costume making, design, and fantasy.

Additionally, innovative cosplay costumes have a tendency to receive a lot of praise and attention when visiting certain conventions. 

Being asked for a photograph or even engaging in a chat with someone who likes your costume is like being in the spotlight for a hot minute, and also facilitates bonding with people who share the same interests. 

Cosplay Encourages the Exploration of Sexuality and Gender

Cosplay and experimenting with fantasy and dress up is not only a great outlet for creativity and self-expression, but is also a way for many LGTBQ+ people to explore and create their own gender identity in a safe environment. In fact, it can even be an opportunity to find their authentic self. 

For some, cosplay means being able to take on the role of different characters of the opposite gender that seem powerful, interesting, and cool. For others however, the process of enjoying cosplay actually leads to learning about different genders, sexual orientation, and identity. 

For that reason, cosplay has provided many with a comfortable space to explore, embrace, and live their truth.

Adversely, and just like in everyday life, there are still some ways to go when it comes to accepting those who are struggling with or working through their own self-identity within the cosplay community. 

The best advice we can give you today is to continue exploring yourself and your interests. Tapping into cosplay, be it in a fun and friendly social situation, in the bedroom, or as a means to find your authentic self, is a positive thing and something that we encourage. But always remember: play safe!