Stripping 101: The Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Striptease

Stripping 101: The Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Striptease

Kim Basinger’s done it, Lindsay Lohan’s done it, Demi Moore’s done it, and so have all those guys from the Full Monty. Yep, you guessed it, we’re talking about performing a striptease.

And if – like us – you watched the aforementioned stars in these steamy movies leaving little more than just their hats on and thought to yourself, ‘hey, that looks like fun,’ well, you’d be right!

So, here’s a breakdown of how you can spice up your sex life by stripping down to the bare essentials.


First of all, establishing a set of ground rules helps the person performing assert their control and adds a level of professionalism which in turn contributes to the raunchiness of the drama.

No touching and no talking are a few simple ideas but feel free to experiment as you see fit; your show, your rules.

And if your partner just can’t keep their hands to themselves, which we suspect may well be the case, consider using pleasure ties or handcuffs to keep them in check. The restraint combined with the desire will be too hot to handle.


It’s important to remember that you’re putting on a show, and like all the best performances we’ve been to, preparation and attention to detail are essential…

Creating the Atmosphere

Set up your performance space and dim the lights enough to set the mood, but make sure you and your partner can still see what’s going on. Many of us have our favorite lovemaking tunes so pick a song you like and that makes you want to get those hips moving.

Choosing Clothing

Wear a racy little number, obviously, and loose fitting so it’s both easy to take off and step out of. Also clothes that are too tight may leave undesirable marks on your skin. You may want to add a theme to your costume – think French maid, fireman, or any other fantasy you think your partner would enjoy.

Adding Accessories

Will your show require props? It doesn’t just need to be feather boa or leather whip that goes with your outfit; you can incorporate things like a chairs or other furniture,  a SMART WAND™ if you want to treat them to the sight of you titillating yourself, or even  a hot wax massage candle if you want to make things really kinky!

Prepping your Partner

How about a sensual massage from the star performer before the show? Or maybe the two of you could enjoy a drink together? Where do you want them to sit? Maintaining the professional demeanor you decided on in the rules works particularly well at this stage and the role play and sense of control will hopefully help settle any nerves as you prepare your partner for the pleasures to come.


So your well-laid plan has gone without a hitch, you have the undivided attention of your audience and you’re starting to get into your groove. Now it’s time for the main event…

Start Slow

Ensure to position your partner so that they can enjoy the best view of the show at all times and use the first few minutes to get your rhythm going. Use the music, tease your partner and once you’ve got them exactly where you want them, what follows will come naturally.

The Strip

Once you feel the time is right, the strip itself can begin and while the speed with which you remove your clothes is up to you, take care to make it neither too fast nor too slow. Rev up the anticipation by starting off with any accessories you may be wearing, such as a belt, hat or glasses, and work your way inwards from there.

Take your time and remove everything in the order you want. Once you get down to the final pieces, your partner will be in the palm of your hand.

What comes next we’ll leave up to your imaginations.


Throughout the process, it’s important to remember that doing a striptease is supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

That being said, if something doesn’t go according to plan, don’t give up, try your best to go with the flow and don’t let it knock your confidence.

The key to keeping a striptease sexy is maintaining the eroticism and authenticity of the occasion―but that doesn’t mean it can’t be lighthearted if that’s what bedroom dynamic comes naturally to you and your partner! If you come anywhere close to getting this right, it’ll be the best gift your partner has ever had. Guaranteed!