Curved penis

Is A Curved Penis Normal? How To Work With ‘Banana Dick’

To the cynical among us, the common thinking around penises is that ‘if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. But many owners of penises — men — know that every peen is different and unique in its own way: like snowflakes, with no two the same.

Yes, the size and shape of a penis is well-trod upon ground here at this blog as well as other sex and wellness outlets, but for very good reason, as a different size or shape for a penis can greatly affect how to best use and enjoy it. When it comes to penises that are perhaps too big, there is the issue of comfort and, in extreme cases, the safety of the partner who is being penetrated. When we are talking about small penises, we focus on techniques for ensuring that both partners can be fulfilled during an erotic experience. If you’re the owner of a curved penis, or someone whose partner has a ‘banana dick’ as it is informally known, here’s a rundown of the things you’ve got to know.

Curved penis

Is my curved dick normal?

Yup, totally normal. In fact, most every penis bends in one way or another — up, down, left or right — whether it is flaccid or fully erect. When a penis becomes erect, it is due to blood vessels within the shaft filling with blood. However not all of these blood vessels inflate to the same degree, causing the penis to perhaps veer off in one direction or another. No matter what angle you dangle, don’t worry about it; it’s all good.

What causes a penis to bend?

As mentioned above, the amount of blood that floods into your penis to make it erect is a big factor in determining which way your penis will point. Another thing that can affect the angle or direction of his erection is the method or forcefulness he uses when he masturbates. Some men who employ the ‘death grip’ while they jerk off can clearly alter the shape and curvature of their penis. In fact for guys who read this, you actually might notice that your erect penis bends in the direction that corresponds with the hand you use to masturbate.

Are there any benefits?

Yes of course! You know how sex toys for women can come in all shapes and sized to provide varied or specific pleasures? A penis with a bit of a bump or curve can serve that same pleasurable purpose. Explore the possibilities of his unique penis by choosing sex positions that allow for the most effective kind of control. Woman on top will allow a female partner to come to grip with how a curved penis can be manipulated to provide maximum pleasure, and likewise will doggy style, as long as he takes it slow and there’s clear communication between partners.

Could it indicate something serious?

Probably not, however if suddenly you notice that your penis is straight while flaccid and curves only when you’re hard it might be a sign of Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s occurs when a buildup of scar tissue within the blood vessels of the penis constricts blood flow. If caught early enough, like when you notice a change in your penis’s curvature, it is treatable. Peyronie’s is somewhat common for men over the age of 40. A sudden curvature of the penis, if it occurs along with abdominal pain and an increased frequency of needing to urinate, could indicate an obstruction of the urethra. In cases like this, as well as with Peyronie’s mentioned above, we’d suggest seeking medical advice and treatment.