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His Manhood is Too Big: HELP!

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This article was scientifically fact-checked by Social Psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute whose textbooks are used in Human Sexuality classes across the country.

The old adage of never getting enough of a good thing isn’t always true; too much red wine with dinner makes us late for work the next day, too much rum raisin ice cream with our red wine makes us have to hit the gym more, but too much penis? That can make a girl run away screaming.

A quick look through our internet histories proves that extra-large penises do in fact exist, but when these rare specimens are encountered in real life and not on a monitor, your brain begins swimming with questions. How does he walk around with that thing? Did it just look at me? How am I ever going to get that in me?

Since beginning this blog and asking for reader questions, what to do with a penis that’s too big has been one of the most common among them, meaning that unlike the unicorn, a super-sized penis is no mythical beast. When encountered out in the wild, there are a few tricks to have up your sleeve to tame that overly endowed mega manhood.

Never forget the Three F’s: Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

After you’ve prepared yourself mentally, prepare yourself physically – and have fun doing it – by not skimping on the foreplay.

Take extra time with teasing to more properly prepare your body, allowing your sexual juices to begin flowing and getting your vagina well and properly ready to take on whatever comes along. Have him do this by focusing on your hot spots with his fingers or tongue, or by having him use a small, palm sized vibrator on you to add that extra oomph.

Also remember that the penetrative sex part of sex isn’t always the be-all, end-all of intimacy; mutual masturbation, oral sex, manual stimulation or stimulation with a sex toy; it’s all fair game, and all contributing to the same goal of satisfaction for both of you.

Always remember the Three L’s: Lube, Lube, Lube

One of the main reasons that foreplay is so important when dealing with a plus-sized package is that it helps you to naturally lubricate, making it easier and more comfortable in the insertion stage. However if time isn’t on your side and you just need it right now, then a bottle of quality sexual moisturizer is your best friend.

Apply it to the head and shaft of his sizable sex organ, as well as a dab on your vaginal opening to help him glide in and make the entire passionate process a much simpler, and much, much more comfortable process.

Be sure to recall the Three S’s: Slow, Slow, Slow

When it comes to big penises, there are two dimensions that need considering; girth, and length. Girth-related issues can be overcome with foreplay and lube, as seen in the Three F’s and Three L’s above, but an excessively lengthy love organ can present some particular problems of its own.

When the dong is long, there’s a much higher chance of his penis bumping your cervix during thrusting, which is almost always an instant mood killer, as anyone who has had their cervix smashed can agree.

A well-endowed gentleman should err on the side of being gentle, man; during both insertion and thrusting, he can’t go barging in like it’s the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. What you want to use is patience and an even pace during penetration, and avoid the pain.

Spend the first few minutes of penetration with him making shallow thrusts before going deeper; this will be more enjoyable for you, as the nerves that we derive the most sexual pleasure from reside in the first two to three inches inside the vagina. Have him work this sensitive spot for a while, then increase the insertion when you’re good and ready.

When it comes to and extra-big appendage, don’t forget the Three X’s: XXXL Condoms!

No matter how large a thing he’s packing, your protection is still of utmost importance (and what the whole article is about anyhow). If you do happen to hook up with a well-hung person, then be sure to have the correct protection on-hand: we’re talking about XL condoms of course.

While the onus should fall on the person who’s packing the penis to bring the correctly-sized condoms for his particular prick, if he’s not brought his own protection then having some L, XL or XXL-sized condoms on hand won’t leave you both wanting.

We’d never forgive ourselves for leaving out the Three T’s: Tech, Tech Tech

Say fellas, if your penis is too big but you don’t know how to use it properly (properly in this case meaning in a way that your partner is comfortable with), then you’re wasting a natural wealth of pleasure for the both of you.

Like for instance; during penetrative sex, do you know which areas within your partner your extra large member is putting the most pressure on or transmitting the most friction to? That would be some valuable info to know, right?

Rather than the trial-and-error method that large lads have always had to rely on, the new field of Sextech can truly come in handy here. The newest advancements in pleasure do more than just provide incredible levels of stimulation: a Sextech item like the LELO F1S is able to provide feedback about your performance — it’s a masturbation sleeve that can even tell you which contact points your penis is stimulating — and this is information you can take with you into the real world.

It behooves you to keep in mind the Three P’s: Position, Position, Position

The cowgirl position offers you the perfect amount of controlAs long as you choose your sex position wisely, even the biggest penis can be tamed.

Sexual positions that offer you total control are the ones you should go for, as they allow you to dictate the depth and pace of penetration, and position him and his large penis exactly where you want them.

With a well-hung guy, the classic girl-on-top position offers you this perfect amount of control, as you use your thighs to control depth, and get a great workout at the same time!

This is not to say that there are impossible positions that you simply cannot do if he’s got a large one; any and every position can be tried and enjoyed by both of you if there’s a healthy degree of bedroom communication. Letting him know what works, doesn’t work, and how things feel gives you just as much control as being on top, which, if you recall, makes up the Three C’s: Communication, Communication, Communication!