dual vibrators

Your Beginner’s Guide To Dual Vibrators

Dual vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys on the market. And there is no surprise why. With the wide array of shapes and sizes that they come in, it’s a sex toy worth the attention for enhancing both, solo and partnered play. 

dual vibrators

What Is a Double Vibrator?

Double vibrators are sex toys that have dual ends that vibrate. In some cases, dual vibrators have two separate motors allowing to control each end separately. Dual vibrators offer more ways to receive stimulation than vibrators with only one end and are great when you’re looking to experience blended orgasms

When it comes to sex, solo or partnered, some double vibrators can be used for double penetration, inserting one side of it to the vagina while the other end goes into the anus. Or it could be used for external stimulation only, exploring a few different zones all over your body simultaneously. 

Different Types of Dual Vibrators

There are a few different types of dual or double vibrators. There are magic wands that offer two different vibrating ends for different stimulations — one more general and one more targeted. 

Another type of double vibrator is a double-ended vibrating dildo, which is a great option for same-sex penetrative sex. You can even find dual vibrators that are created in a way that can replace strap-ons with their ability to fit both bodies perfectly for penetrative sex. 

There are also double vibrating bullets that are small and discreet, and great for some external stimulation. For example, MAHANA 2 is a dual vibe bullet vibrator with two separate motors that can be set to different vibrations or be synced to offer the same stimulation.

The TRANSFORMER offers a lot of flexibility and different ways to spice things up in the bedroom. The TRANSFORMER can be used solely for external stimulation, or it can be used by inserting it either in the anus or the vagina during solo sex or partnered sex.

Another type of vibrator that fits into the dual vibrator category are the rabbit vibrators that offer double stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, like SORAYA Wave. These vibrators are perfect for solo play and can offer a huge array of different sensations when playing with different positionings and vibes.

ENIGMA is also a dual vibrator and a unique one. Its shape allows it to fit your body perfectly from the inside and outside, stimulating your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. 

As you can see, there are tons to choose from when it comes to double vibrators, and everyone can find something for their liking. 

How to Enjoy a Dual Vibrator

Like with every other sex toy, there will be a learning curve to find out the best way to utilize your dual vibrator. We have a few ideas that will make your experimentation with the toy easier:

1. Double Penetration During Solo Play

Double vibrators are great for solo play when you’re looking for blended stimulation. Again, you can choose a toy that fits your liking — there are ones that offer external and internal stimulation, ones that help you stimulate your clitoris and nipples simultaneously. And you can even find toys that offer triple stimulation for your clit, vagina, and anus all at the same time. 

The benefits of blended stimulation during solo play are undeniable. You can easily achieve mind-blowing blended orgasms when you’re stimulating your clit, G-spot, and/or A-spot that are deeper and more intense than, let’s say, only clitoral orgasms. ENIGMA or SORAYA Wave are perfect toys to use solo, giving you full control over the dual stimulation with different intensity vibes.

Because some dual vibrators have two separate motors, it can also be fun to experiment with different stimulations on different parts of your body simultaneously. Some vibrations might work better for certain parts of your body, and finding that out is a fun way to spice up your routine.

2. Stimulate Other Erogenous Zones

While stimulating your clit, vagina, and other high-sensitivity spots like G-spot is pleasurable, they are not the only pleasure points in your body. For example, some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Pulsating vibrations also feel good on other parts of your body, like inner thighs, lower belly, and even behind your knees. 

With double-sided vibrators like Transformer, you have the flexibility to move around and focus on a few different zones at the same time. You can enjoy the vibrating sensations on your inner thigh while the other end of the vibrator is either over your clit or inserted inside you. 

3. Double Penetration During Partnered Sex

One of the best things about dual vibrators is that they’re the perfect toy for partnered play. If you have penetrative sex with your partner, the double vibrator can serve as a butt plug for both of you at the same time. 

In the same-sex scenario, the dual-ended vibrator is a great way to add internal stimulation for both partners while you’re touching each other externally. You can experiment with different vibration settings, and because of the dual motors, you don’t have to worry about you and your partner not liking the same vibe. 

4. Make Your Partner Come

If you’re into some kinky play and BDSM, the dual vibrator will be your best friend. It’s a perfect tool to use on your partner during power-play as it offers many different ways of driving your partner crazy. 

You can use the double vibrator for external stimulation only, exploring their different erogenous zones with the toy. Or you can utilize the double penetration ability. It gives you the flexibility to bring in other tools and toys to add more stimulation into the mix because a dual vibrator allows for a hands-free experience. 

Edging or orgasm control can be very fun with a double vibrator because, with its intense blended stimulation, you can bring your partner to the edge very quickly. 

A Note on Safety

When playing with different holes at the same time, it’s important to remember one thing. You want to avoid alternating between the anus and vagina without cleaning your double vibrator first. 

Vaginas have a very sensitive microflora that can be disturbed easily, so if you’re playing with different holes, it might be a good idea to use a condom over the toy. This way, you’ll avoid transferring bacteria and save yourself the trouble of getting an infection.