Fitness Goals: 5 Challenging Sex Positions that Really Work It

We’re not ones to take a fitness challenge lying down, but we also think that working up a sweat should be as fun (and sexy) as possible! Here are 5 sex positions that will put your strength to the test, but don’t forget to stretch first!

1. Standing to Deliver


This is a  dynamic standing sex position that keeps you both on your toes! Either of you can exercise control by controlling the thrusting, so it’s great for having a 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off warm up for the both of you!

Remember to widen your stance, and make sure of your free hands by indulging in everything from clitoral self stimulation to spanking to cupping testicles!

2. A Leg Up on the Competition


This is a 2-part sex position that lets you level up as your increase your flexibility, so start slow!

To start, face each other with legs approximately shoulder-width apart, with the thrusting partner with their back at the end of the bed. The receiving partner places one foot on the bed while their partner bends to bring their elbow under the bent knee.

The receiving partner then puts their arms around the thrusting partner’s neck for support and leans backward as their partner straightens their stance and begins thrusting with a gentle pulse.
If you think you’ve mastered the challenge of this pose, you can step things up a notch by having the receiving partner stand with their leg on their partner’s shoulder instead!

3. Power Stance


Don’t look at this position as purely a work out the for topping partner (though it certainly is that)!

To get into this position, the receiving partner can start with their back against a wall, wrapping their legs around their partner, who supports them by the hips and bottom.

Now, while it will take the thrusting partner’s body strength to hold up their partner, the receiving partner will lean their shoulders against the wall and solely use their hips and abs to set the pace. May we suggest using music the count the beat?

4. Behind Every Great Man…


One thing many women discover when trying pegging for the first time is just how much of a workout it can be!

Different pegging positions will work out different parts of the body, but this sex position is one that will put your hamstrings and glutes to the test, as well as work your hip flexor and abs as you raise one leg to wrap around your receiving partner, who can be passive or flex their own muscles to help you thrust against them!

5. The Atlas Stone


Named for one of the toughest events in ‘World’s Strongest Person’ competitions, this position takes a lot of strength, but even more trust.

We suggest having the receiving partner crouch on a waist-high countertop, with hands on the edge for extra support as the thrusting partner gets used to supporting their weight―with their legs, always!  Gradually, you can work your way up to fully supporting the receiving partner’s body weight, but it does still help to have them against a wall or counter if a break is needed!

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