HEX™ Hits Stores This Month

LELO HEX Condom Campaign in Review

Following a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raising over one million dollars, we’re thrilled to announce that our game-changing condom will be sold nationwide in retail stores this month.

We sought to bring our expertise in designing for pleasure to an industry which – until now – has focused solely on personal care and protection. With a revolutionary design that maximizes sensation without sacrificing safety, the crowdfunding campaign of the re-engineered condom, LELO HEX™, outstripped all expectations: original goals were exceeded by 3247% with a total of over one million dollars raised across both LELO.com and Indiegogo platforms.

Not only have we already put HEX™ into the bedrooms of over 30,000 excited supporters, we’ve also successfully re-engaged positive discussions on safe sex with the industry’s first true innovation in over 70 years. The focus is on consumers who are eager for revolutionary change on a product that plays an important role in sexual health.

The LELO HEX is structurally different from other condoms in the market.  It uniquely addresses the most common complaints people have about using condoms.  HEX is designed with 350 individual integrated hexagons throughout its ultra-thin latex surface lending extra strength without extra latex. This innovation also allows the HEX to mold to the uniqueness of the wearer and reduces the chance of slippage for a more pleasurable, uninterrupted experience.

On a mission to revolutionize condom technology with both safety and pleasure in mind, LELO HEX will launch in 3 and 12 packs at lelo.com and Target stores nationwide beginning October 2.

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The Science Behind the HEX™ Structure

More than Surface Deep – The Science Behind the HEX™ Structure