safe sex toys lelo podcast

LELO Podcast: Safety First, Beginners Guide To Sex Toys

In this week’s episode of the Volonté pleasure podcast, we are joined by a professor of psychology and licensed sex therapist, Dr. Laurie Mintz. 

safe sex toys lelo podcast

We all know that pleasure can take many different forms. However, we’ll be focusing on self-pleasure in this episode. Many people have an aversion to using sex toys, resulting from a previous bad experience, lack of quality information, or even fear or shame. A lesser-known fact also worth mentioning is that many women don’t have their first orgasm until using a sex toy.

And that is why we decided to talk openly about sex toys and their ability to please. We’ll summarize everything you should know before getting your first sex toy and share valuable advice from Dr. Laurie Mintz with one crucial piece of information: sex toy safety always comes first!

The full episode can be streamed below or listened to on the official Spotify Volonte Pleasure Podcast.