safe sex toys

No Safety, No Pleasure: A Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys That Won’t Scar You For Life

We already know that pleasure comes in all kinds of different forms. We also know that there is a sweet little thing called self-pleasure time; it can, and if you ask us, should include a special intensifier.

safe sex toys

Still, some have a particular aversion to using sex toys, perhaps a previous bad experience, a lack of information, maybe even fear, shame. “There is a widespread myth that vibrators can desensitize the clitoris,” said Dr. Laurie Mintz, professor of psychology and licensed sex therapist.

Given that into account, it’s actually no wonder some have just never had a close encounter with, we dare to say, one of the greatest gadgets ever invented.

The funny thing is a less known fact that many women don`t have their first orgasm until they use a sex toy.

We speak openly about them; we know how they can please us and encourage you to join us. You deserve to have your pleasure, your safe pleasure. 

We at LELO never judge, just the opposite; encouraging people to embrace pleasure is one of the things we do best.

This is why we put together a little guide to enlighten you to try something new, something especially for you, and the most important: something safe.

The experience of using a sex toy is something you cherish again and again, not something that makes a scar for a lifetime.  

Newbies In Pleasureland

Since research clearly shows that most women need clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm, we suggest starting with a clitoral vibrator.

They make an excellent introduction to sex toys usage because clitoral vibrators don’t look as intimidating as some other toys might and also make a fantastic tool for the beginning of exploring.

After getting acclimated to these traditional vibrators, try using toys that have sonic waves to stimulate the inner and outer clitoris, like the unique SONA, SILA, or ENIGMA

Finally, progressing to sex toys that stimulate both internally and externally at the same time comes as a cherry on top. This is why starting to use a sex toy should include eager anticipation. 

We asked Dr. Laurie Mintz to give some beginner advice for all the newbies around: 

  • Set aside some time where you will have some privacy and not feel rushed
  • You may want first to do something to relax you (e.g., a bubble bath) if you are anxious or, on the other hand, something to get your blood flowing (e.g., a run) as research shows increased blood flow can increase orgasm.
  • Read the instructions on how to work the sex toy.
  • Use any sex toy with lube. I strongly suggest LELO’s personal moisturizer.
  • Apply the lubricant to your vulva (the outside area of your genitals).
  • Use the toy on your genitals. As indicated below, for beginners, I often recommend a clitoral vibrator (rather than a G-spot or rabbit vibrator), so in this case, apply the vibrator to your external genitals. Move it around (e.g., your clitoral hood, inner lips, and two sides of your clitoris) and see what you like. Play around with intensity.  
  • Enjoy! I predict that your new favorite lover will be you—and your LELO toy!
  • Finally, please don’t forget to clean the toy after and store it in the beautiful bag it came in. I recommend LELO’s toy cleaner. All you do is spray on, wait five seconds, and rinse off.

Safety At the Top

We take such good care about the food we eat, calculate the ingredients, the clothes we wear, and the material used, analyze the skin products we use, making sure it`s safe for our skin, but how exactly do we take care of sex toys?

Have you ever wondered about safety and actually thought about what you are using or why aren`t you? As with all sex, safety is the key. When it comes to sex toys, safety means high-quality non-porous material so bacteria cannot be trapped in it.

Have you heard of phthalates? It sounds scary even when you read it, right?

Studies have shown that they can adversely affect the reproductive process and increase congenital disabilities and sperm damage. Many sex toys are made from plastic and contain phthalates – this should be on your blocklist.

“Look for a toy made of medical grade silicone with a lot of options in terms of patterns and intensities of stimulation. Such toys will be easier to clean (less likely to hold bacteria) and more fun to experiment with to see what you like. All LELO toys meet these criteria!”, warns Dr. Laurie.

Another thing to take care of when it comes to safety is cleaning your toy before and after each use and keeping it in an original container. Not only does this keep you safe, but it also adds to the lifespan of your intimate items. 

Sex toys don’t replace partners – they don’t laugh, cuddle or say, I love you. They do only one thing – provide the type of intense stimulation many need to orgasm.

You may sometimes feel numb if you use a sex toy for too long, but this is no different than the numbness from sitting on a bike seat too long.

Taking a break is absolutely fine, but remember, “research shows that women who use sex toys have easier and more frequent orgasms,” concludes Dr.Mintz. 

Investing in a safe sex toy isn’t a luxury; it’s an investment in your body, your intimacy, and your pleasure.