Used Wife Erotica

My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 5 – An Erotic Story

My life had changed. I had changed. I was now a used wife. My husband had shared me with two other men. I was now a slut, and both my husband I wanted it. That naughty boy was living his fantasies. My boss had used me in his office, a stranger in a bar had used me in the men’s room, I had blown an Uber driver in our driveway, and all in one day. My husband loved it all and when we got home he told me how much he loved seeing me used by other men as he was whipping me and fucking me up the arse. 

Used Wife Erotica

My mind wandered forward to next week when I would become a slut for the Partner’s at the law firm my husband and I worked at. I now I felt it was my destiny to get to live out my slutty fantasies, and the circumstances that presented themselves at the law firm were perfect for that. It was a safe way for me to live out those fantasies.

The weekend seemed to drag on forever. I was in a constant state of excitement, but on the other hand I was nervous about presenting my body for the use of men I had worked with for years and who I knew well. In fact, I knew many of their wives. All bar one of the five Partners were married. The sense of excitement and anticipation overrode any pangs of guilt I may have had. After all, I was not taking their husbands away from them, they were just going to use me for their sexual pleasure. At the end of the day the men were making the decision. I was simply the outlet. 

It was a very strange feeling though knowing that these men who had always dealt with me on a professional level would soon be doing whatever they wanted with my body. Would they lose respect for me? I tried to push that out of my mind. I soothed myself with the thought that I wasn’t after respect, being seen as a slut was part of the thrill. I actually got off on the humiliation of it all.

Steve and I had a wild weekend of sex. There was a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Steve found some porn videos with office sex scenes and used two dildo’s and his own cock on me, asking me to imagine that I was being gangbanged by the Partners as he alternated each between my cunt, arsehole and mouth. I had orgasm after orgasm. On Sunday afternoon he told me to put on a pair of heels and my coat, nothing else, and to come for a drive with him. As we drove along the busy highway, he made me open my coat to expose my body, hoping other motorists may catch a glimpse, whilst I brought myself off with my favourite Lelo rabbit eared vibrator. After I came, I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. 

I think Steve was even more into my transformation than I was if that was possible. After he came in my mouth he pulled into a parking stop alongside the highway and told me to get out of the car and open my coat to fully expose my body. ‘Now squat and piss on the asphalt’ he said. He watched intently as the piss flowed from my open cunt. The coolness of the air on my pussy felt very erotic. How I would have loved to have been forced to do that in front of a group of men. I was feeling naughtier as every minute went by, as it was if I no longer had any limits. I had been given permission by my wonderful husband to let all my long-suppressed desires out. 

Steve wiped his fingers across my uncleaned pussy after I finished and told me to open my mouth. I then licked them, cleaning the piss from them. I was into anything he wanted me to do. There was absolutely no hesitation from me whatsoever. I found it exciting. I loved showing off my body and acting like a slut. I looked down at the wet asphalt beneath me. I almost had an orgasm. What was I becoming?

Finally, Monday came along. Steve and I had purchased a new work outfit for me. It was sexier than anything I had ever worn to work before. It was a short, loose black skirt with a totally see-through white blouse over a sheer, black push-up bra that exposed plenty of breast. It was finished off with a tight-fitting button-up black jacket. I had on black stockings, suspenders, and a very sheer lacy G-string. 

I also went a bit heavier than normal with the make-up just to get the look, slutty, but in a classy way. To finish it all off I had purchased a new set of heels that really said ‘whore’. I had never worn anything like them before. I got plenty of looks on the train on the way to work. Rather than feeling embarrassed I took it all in and enjoyed every minute of it. I made sure that my cleavage was on display for all to see. I made no attempt to cover up. As I crossed and uncrossed my legs the lace of my stocking tops would have been visible. I’m sure there were quite a few men hiding a bulge in their pants that morning. I was enjoying being an exhibitionist. It was thrilling.

We went up to the 18th floor where our offices were located, and I stood towards the back of the lift with my back to Steve. Workers on other floors came and went as we ascended. Steve had his hand up my skirt feeling my perfectly rounded and taught arse cheeks. They had always been an asset. I was wet through – as usual. He paused each time the doors opened as what he was doing would have been obvious to anybody stepping into the lift. We didn’t want to get reported to security after all. 

When I stepped out of the lift I nervously walked past a few co-workers. What would they think or say about the new look Lisa? The usual good mornings were exchanged and not a word was said about the way I looked. I couldn’t help noticing some of their expressions though. They were like nothing I had experienced from them before. The outfit had worked. 

I felt a thrill at the way they looked at me. I didn’t find it demeaning. I wanted the men to think I looked sexy. My whole thought process was focussed on that. It turned me on to think that other men in the office were looking at me in a completely new light, thinking how they would love to fuck me. I did look fuckable. I had on totally fuckable heels. I wondered what fantasies they had about me. Would they go home that night and fuck their wives imagining it was me. The thought was intoxicating. Our office was mainly men and who knew, maybe they would all get a turn at me one day. That was not in my hands, I had agreed to be the Company slut and to do whatever I was instructed by the Partners. What was I thinking? The first bridge in the office had been crossed and it made me feel wonderful. I felt wet.

I walked into my office, which was just outside Ricks, and put my handbag on the desk. ‘Is that you Lisa’ I heard Rick say. This was the first time I had seen him since he came in my arse the previous Friday. A ripple of nerves went through me. What would he think of me and what would he think of the way I was dressed? I hoped he would approve. ‘Yes sir’ I responded, ‘it is me’. Why did I call him sir? Up until now he had always been just plain old Rick. Being a used wife was definitely bringing out my submissive streak. ‘I like that, sir, very nice’ he said from his office. ‘Could you please come in Lisa’ he said. 

As Rick laid his eyes on me any doubts I had about his approval vanished. He was gobsmacked. ‘Wow’ he said, ‘you look so hot Lisa’. ‘It would seem that your conversation with Steve on Friday night went well’ he said with a knowing look. I nodded and said, ‘you would never believe how well, Steve is totally on board’. ‘In fact, he loved the fact that you fucked me up the arse without asking for his approval’, I said boldly. Rick smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. I felt reassured, and very much at ease. The journey that I was about to undertake could not have started better.

Rick then said, ‘now my little slut, go and lean on my desk on your forearms, we have some preparations to take care of’. I loved him calling me a slut. It went straight to my pussy. I did as I was told, eagerly waiting for what was to come. I was hoping he was going to fuck me again. I felt so horny. I heard him rustling about in a drawer behind me. He then lifted my skirt to expose my arse. ‘That is a thing of rare beauty Lisa’ he said, as he rubbed his hands all over it. In fact, he kissed me on each cheek. I knew how hot I would have looked leaning on my elbows on his desk presenting my arse to him. I wish I could have seen it, that is how turned on I felt. I needed to be fucked. I needed his cock inside me.

‘There will be no more panties in the office’. ‘That would be totally inappropriate for a slut’, he said. ‘You can wear them on the way in and on the way home, but not while you are here’. He then put his hands on the waistband of my G-string and pulled them down to my ankles. I felt his breath on my arse as he pulled them down. I was so excited. I stepped out of them leaving my naked arse and pussy exposed. It felt delightful. I knew how sexy I must have looked to him like that. Surely, there was no way he could resist me. I then felt his fingers at my wet pussy. I opened my legs further to give him easy access to me. With his fingers now totally moist from being deep inside my wet cunt he used the juices to lubricate my anus. I shivered in the anticipation that he was going to fuck me there again. How I wanted it. He put in one finger, then another, and opened me up, slowly pumping his fingers in and out. Fuck, I needed his cock. 

I then felt something metallic at my anal opening and a bulb shaped object get pushed inside me. I knew immediately what it was. I had gone out with Steve with a buttplug in my arse a few times. He loved knowing it was there while the friends we were with had no idea. It turned us both on very much. I quite liked the feel of it. It appealed to my submissive side. It always ended in a great sex session at home, finishing with him fucking me up the arse. 

The buttplug felt huge, but it slipped inside quite easily. My arse was wet and open. ‘You will have this inside you at all times in the office as a constant reminder of what a slut you are’ he said. ‘You will notice that it is quite large’. ‘That is so there is no chance it can slip out’, said Rick. I loved it, what an evil, naughty thing to have me do. It thrilled me to think that I would be plugged at all times with nobody other than the Partners having any idea. It was an ingenious way to ensure I was reminded of my circumstances at all times. The idea thrilled me to my core.

‘I like the sir bit’ he said. ‘That is how you will refer to me and all the Partners from now on’. ‘That is an appropriate show of respect for the men who will be taking liberties with your body’. I was still bent over his desk with my skirt around my waist and the base of a buttplug protruding from my naked arse. It felt utterly naughty and delicious.

‘I have a very important meeting in 30 minutes Lisa’ he said. ‘I am trying to win a huge new client and I need to be relaxed’. ‘Now got down on your knees’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I responded with gusto. There was only one reason he would want me on my knees. He pulled the zip of his trousers down and released his very erect penis. I loved it so much. I wanted it in my mouth. I was glad I turned him on so much. That was what I was there for.  

‘Suck me to orgasm slut’ he said. ‘It would be my pleasure to do that for you sir’ I said with a wicked smile on my face. I went straight for it and took it deep into my warm, wet mouth. Rick’s cock was just perfect, and I felt it a privilege to be allowed to suck it. I moved my head backwards and forwards, pleasuring my boss’s magnificent member. I was enjoying it just as much as he was. Here I was at the start of the working week blowing my boss in his office whilst positioned on my knees. It was just where I should be. I sucked him expertly and he used my mouth aggressively. 

As I was sucking his cock I removed his balls from his pants and ran my fingers over them. He was perfectly shaven, and they felt smooth and magnificent. He groaned in delight. ‘Lick them slut’ he instructed me. I couldn’t get my tongue on them fast enough. As I licked his scrotum, I massaged his penis using the juices from my mouth that I had deposited there, as lubricant. He moaned loudly, flicked my hand away from his cock and said ‘open’. He then came, shooting his cum into my mouth and over my nose, lips, mouth and chin. How I must have looked, dressed as I was, and a face covered in Rick’s semen. 

After he had finished depositing his load on my face and in my mouth, I looked up at him and said, ‘thank you sir’. It seemed the appropriate thing to say. ‘My pleasure slut’ he responded. That seemed an appropriate response too. I then proceeded to wipe the cum from my face and into my mouth. I then opened my mouth and showed him how full of his cum it was. ‘Sir must have been very aroused this morning’ I said, with a naughty submissive look on my face, before swallowing it all and taking it deep into my stomach. What a delightful thing to do for him. I could feel how wet I was, and I needed release. I knew that was not important to him though as my needs were secondary to men’s. I was there to be used by men and to please them for their pleasure, not my own. That was the ultimate turn-on for me. I just about had an orgasm thinking about it.

‘You did a wonderful job Lisa’, said Rick. ‘I think I will take advantage of those oral skills of yours whenever I need relaxing’. ‘It will be my pleasure to do that for you whenever you need it sir’ I said. I stood up and Rick kissed me lightly. He wasn’t going to stick his tongue in my mouth after the blowjob I had just given him. I liked him kissing me, although I wondered if it was appropriate for a powerful man like him to kiss a common slut. I loved that thought too. It turned me on. I couldn’t stop creating sexy images of a submissive slut in my mind. It was what I wanted to be.

‘Before I go to the meeting, I need to explain the week ahead to you’ he said. ‘Each night this week you will be used by one of the Partners’. ‘When I got in this morning I sent them all an email I composed over the weekend telling them which night is theirs’. ‘They are all looking forward to it with great anticipation Lisa’. I gave Rick a coy look, not wanting to appear too eager. A woman, even a slut, needs to retain some small degree of modesty. It’s all part of the game.

‘Some had to re-jig schedules to make it work’ he said. ‘I don’t think they would have let anything get in their way’. ‘Every night’, I asked, ‘what about my poor husband’ I said. I couldn’t believe I said that. I wasn’t concerned about being fucked by a different man every night that week, I was more concerned that my husband had needs too. I was really becoming a cock pleaser, more intent on giving than receiving pleasure. It felt natural, it felt right. 

‘Steve sent me an email on the weekend telling me what a bastard I was for fucking you without agreeing it with him first, but then telling me that deep down he loved the fact that I did it and that it brought out the true slut in you’ said Rick. ‘He told me about the rest of your slutty escapades on Friday as well’. ‘Is there nothing that man doesn’t share with you’ I said in mock surprise. 

I was glad Steve had told Rick as there is no doubt that it contributed positively to the events that had already transpired that morning. It made everything more relaxed and natural. Rick knew now that there were no barriers. Steve had effectively given Rick the all clear for me to be his slut and to do whatever he wanted with me. I couldn’t wait to give him a blowjob under the desk when he was on some important call. I had often fantasised about that. Rick handed me a schedule and said, ‘I’m off to that meeting, I hope you have an interesting day’. He smiled as he said it. He kissed me again and left the office. I was on cloud nine.

I went and sat at my desk trying to compose myself and to get my mind into a space where I could actually do some work. It was difficult to concentrate with a buttplug up my arse and the taste of Rick’s cum still in my mouth. I was in such a slutty mood that I didn’t want to wash my mouth to get rid of it. As I was sitting there daydreaming the door to my office opened and in walked Brian, one of the Partners. ‘Good morning Lisa’ he said. ‘You look amazing’. ‘Stand up so I can take it all in’. ‘This was my first test in the office with someone other then Rick. I could feel the nerves in the pit of my stomach. How would I react? I looked at Brian, who was a pretty hot looking guy, and said, ‘certainly sir’. I felt the wetness between my legs. I was about to take the step to truly becoming the office slut.

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