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The Truth About Orgasms During Pregnancy

Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy having sex and getting the flood of feel-good hormones that come with an orgasm. There are still many misconceptions about pregnancy sex and orgasms, and we’re here to set the record straight and bust pregnancy orgasm myths. 

You don’t have to have sex while pregnant if you don’t feel like it, or your doctor advised you against it. But if you want to continue enjoying regular orgasms and intimate time with your partner, there is no reason why you should. So, let’s address some of the most popular concerns people have and hopefully alleviate any anxiety you have around orgasms during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Orgasms: Fact vs. Fiction

Can having an orgasm while pregnant harm the fetus? 

While many new parents are concerned about harming the fetus during sex while pregnant, science says that there is no harm in having sex and orgasm while pregnant. Only if your doctor specifically instructed that you should not engage in any sexual activities, then you should avoid having an orgasm. 

In fact, there might be benefits to having orgasms while pregnant. A paper from 2018 published in Gynaecology and Perinatology says that having an orgasm while pregnant can help grow the fetus due to the increase in oxygen and nutrients. So, if you have a green light from your doctor, make sure you get those orgasms in while you can!

Will having an orgasm induce labor?

The old wife’s tale that many soon-to-be-parents believe is that having an orgasm during sex while pregnant will induce labor, or cause a miscarriage. Neither of these things is true, and in low-risk pregnancies having an orgasm will not induce labor nor cause a miscarriage. 

It’s important to understand that miscarriages are rarely caused by what the mother does or doesn’t do – most of the miscarriages happen because the embryo isn’t developing properly. Orgasms have nothing to do with it. 

When it comes to inducing labor, the research hasn’t found a link between having an orgasm and going into birth. One study published in 2014 observed 123 pregnant women who were soon due to give birth. Researchers divided the women into two groups – one group was told to abstain from sex, while the other was instructed to have sex twice per week. 

There was no evidence that having sex or having an orgasm induces labor – both groups had a similar number of births. While it’s true that orgasms cause the uterus to contract, and stimulating nipples could have the same effect, it doesn’t look like that alone can induce labor. 

Will I enjoy orgasms less while pregnant? 

It is hard to say whether you will enjoy orgasms less while pregnant – everybody is different and experiences pleasure in a slightly different way. Also, there are various things that might interfere with your enjoyment of sex and orgasms while pregnant. 

Due to hormonal changes in the first trimester, some pregnant people experience side effects like nausea and fatigue amongst other symptoms. You might feel uncomfortable in your body, and the changes and it’s fairly common for women to lose interest in sex during this time. 

Naturally, if your sexual desire is nonexistent and you are experiencing physical discomfort, you will probably be less likely to enjoy sex and experience orgasms. However, studies show that for most women, the frequency and intensity of orgasms remain unchanged in the first trimester. 

There is also a significant change that pregnant people experience in the third trimester of their pregnancy. Studies show that the frequency and intensity of orgasms decrease at the end of the pregnancy for many women. That makes sense when you take into consideration all the physical changes that come with the late stages of pregnancy.

In the third trimester, you might have a bigger bump which often interferes with sex and forces people to look for alternative sex positions that feel good. Also, you might experience more fatigue in this stage of the pregnancy, and if you’re tired, you will probably be less likely to want to have sex or even masturbate.

Will my orgasms be more intense while pregnant?

Some women might experience better orgasms while they are pregnant and they report an increase in sexual desire in the second trimester. In fact, one-fifth of women have their first-ever orgasm while pregnant. There is a reason for it. 

When you are pregnant, there is increased blood flow to the genitals and the whole pelvic area. Increased blood flow causes the genitals to expand and become more sensitive. Also, you might experience more natural lubrication, which also helps to enhance pleasure. 

So, during the second trimester of your pregnancy, you might find yourself much more in the mood for sex, and you might find that sex and orgasms feel much more intense than usual. 

Will I get cramps during pregnancy sex? 

It is true that having an orgasm while pregnant can cause mild cramps afterward, and in the last stage of pregnancy even trigger Braxton Hicks contractions. Braxton Hicks contractions are false labor pains, and they are normal. It doesn’t mean that an orgasm has triggered a premature labor. 

Some people even experience cramping after an orgasm when they are not pregnant. So, it’s definitely part of a normal human body function, and it’s nothing to be worried about in the majority of cases. However, if you are worried, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.