Penis pump

Are Penis Pumps the Solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

In a world where 30-somethings ogle over wrinkles, and lip fillers are used to eradicate a lack of self-confidence, there are actually more pressing medical issues that deserve a bit of attention.

And today, we’re going to shine some light on erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects approximately 10 percent of men, per decade. That is, 50 percent of men in their 50’s, 60 percent of men in their 60’s, and so on.

Penis pump

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when achieving or maintaining an erection is difficult or impossible. In this way, it not only affects the sex life of those living with the condition as well as their partners, but also one’s self-esteem, happiness, and sexual self-sufficiency.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

While psychological factors may be a cause of ED – especially for younger men who experience anxiety, tension, fatigue, or sexual fears, medical experts are more so following the belief that physical factors are the culprit.

For men following the normal ageing process, receiving a rush of blood to the penis may become more difficult due to things such as atherosclerosis (when the arteries become more narrow and have a buildup of plaque), or diabetes.

ED can also be caused by an imbalance of hormones, the use of certain medications, and abusing illegal substances.

What is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump, also known as a vacuum pump or vacuum erection pump, is a device (non-drug) that is used to assist those with ED.

It’s a tube that fits over the penis and a constriction seal that sits at the base of the penis, creating a vacuum effect. In this way, blood rushes to the penis causing an erection.

And while it’s a super handy contraption for men with ED, it’s important to know that it’s not a long term solution or cure.

How Do You Use a Penis Pump?

The most important tip for beginners experiencing ED, is to not over-do it. The penis is a fragile organ and if a penis pump is used incorrectly or too vigorously, it can cause pain, discomfort, and visible red spots and bruises.

Then, if you’re new to the game, it’s advised to use your penis pump a max of two to three times per week, at no longer than 15 minutes per session.

Additionally, you should be giving yourself a breather between each pump to prevent ruptured blood vessels. Make sure to wait until your penis has stopped growing before doing another pump.

Step One: Put the penis pump over your penis.

Step Two: Use the pump to create a vacuum inside the tube which will, in turn, allow blood to flow to the penis.

Step Three: Once blood has reached the penis,and you’ve achieved an erection, place the constriction ring at the base of the penis to help you keep the erection. Important: don’t keep the constriction ring on for more than 30 minutes as it can cut off blood circulation.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Penis Pump

Pressure: It’s more advisable to buy a penis pump that comes with a pressure gauge or vacuum limiter. This is because over-pumping is very easy to do, and can cause a slew of uncomfortable situations.

A pressure gauge will let you know when you should stop using the pump, whereas a limiter will preventing you from over-pumping by reducing the amount of pressure when necessary.

Comfortability: A penis pump can be quite uncomfortable to use, because it has absolutely no padding. Try to source a penis pump sleeve to create padding between your skin and the device. Using a penis pump without a sleeve could cause bruising, which is definitely not fun.

Grooming: Using a penis pump when you’re well-groomed will definitely work in your favour. This is because pubic hair may compromise the airtight seal, leaving you with less than desirable results.

Size: This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a penis pump. If you use a pump that is too small it won’t give you enough pressure, whereas a pump that’s too big will result in too much pressure.

Colour: It’s advisable to buy a clear penis pump, so that you can actually see what’s happening when it gets to work. In this way, you can watch out for redness or coloured spots.

Quick Release: If it’s your first time using a penis pump, getting one with a quick release valve will make things a lot easier for you. This will allow you to stop the pump at any time, quickly, to avoid any injuries.

The Pros of Using a Penis Pump

So, now that you know all about what a penis pump is, how to use it, and things to watch out for, let’s take a quick look at the pros of using this innovative device.

  • It’s proven to be very effective in achieving an erection, thus a good aid for sex with a partner.
  • It’s a somewhat less invasive way in which to receive an erection.
  • Using medication, such as viagra, can pose a few serious health risks.
  • It’s cost-effective, as it’s a one-time purchase, and some medical aid schemes may cover the cost.
  • It can be used with other treatment methods.
  • If you’ve undergone surgery that’s stopped you from achieving an erection, using a penis pump for a small amount of time may assist you in getting erections again, naturally.
  • It can help those with Peyronie’s disease (a bent penis).

Risks, Side Effects & Complaints of Using a Penis Pump

And, just like anything else, there are a few risks involved when using a penis pump.

  • It may cause numbness, redness, bruising, and pain.
  • If you’re taking medication that causes blood thinning, you may run the risk of bleeding.
  • If you have a blood disorder, using a penis pump could cause blood clots.
  • It may cause petechiae (bleeding under the skin’s surface) which will create red spots.
  • Your erection may feel less natural, and a bit strange at first.
  • It reduces the spontaneity of sex on a whim.
  • It requires patience and precision.
  • It’s encouraged to shave your pubic hair for the best results, which may not be something you’re used to or interested in.

Do Penis Pumps Work? Do They Increase Penis Size? And Are They a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

Now that you’re more enlightened when it comes to penis pumps, you can definitely consider it as a viable outlet for ED, as it’s been proven to work successfully (despite it not being an actual cure).

Additionally, a penis pump doesn’t work as a solution to increase one’s penis size permanently.

Alternative Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

If a penis pump doesn’t float your boat, there are other methods of treatment you can follow for ED.

  • Oral medication, such as viagra (which is a prescription medication, so a doctor’s visit is necessary)
  • Penile implants are possible. This is when a rod is placed inside the penis, and when a button (placed at the scrotum) is pushed, saline solution is released, causing an erection.
  • Penile injections or suppositories can be used, which is when medication dissolves in the body and causes an erection.
  • Natural remedies, such as L-arginine and ginkgo, can help increase the size of the blood vessels, thus assisting in blood flowing easier to the penis.
  • Exercise can improve your overall health, including your blood vessels, blood flow, and natural bodily processes.
  • Lowering stress can also help, as high anxiety and stress levels are linked to less than favourable sexual performance.

So, at the end of the day, it’s evident that – while many men are embarrassed by the mere idea of erectile dysfunction – experiencing it is very common when it comes to the natural ageing process.

It’s also common for men who’ve undergone surgery, are experiencing anxiety or stress, or who have health complications, such as blood disorders. For that reason, it’s not something that should cause shame and embarrassment.

It should bring comfort to know that there are several different and easy ways to manage this health condition, and that men really can enjoy a healthy sex life with ED.