sex fit exercise and sex

Sex-fit: Exercise and Sex

Being fit takes you a long way in terms of sexual performance, but not every exercise is the same. Some types will do a much better job preparing you for sexual mastery.

sex fit exercise and sex

Fit for Sex

One of the most obvious signs that you need to improve your fitness is feeling shortness of breath. Also, you might feel your body getting too tired to stay in a certain sex position or desired rhythm. Sex does not have to be fast, hard, or athletic every time, or barely ever for that matter, but the pace should be determined by the natural flow of passion and not by your lack of fitness.

There is a simple formula for sexual fitness: include a regular activity in your life that is equally or (preferably) more strenuous and frequent than sex.

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise

Very roughly speaking, exercise can be divided into two categories, aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic activity allows your breathing pace to adjust so you can work out for long intervals. Activities like swimming, light jogging, or cycling fit the description.

Anaerobic workout is basically what high intensity training is all about. It is intense, functional, and possibly fun, but you are unlikely to be able to maintain it for an interval longer than, say, ten minutes. Depending on the person, activities like sprinting, fast pushups, pullups and other exercises can usually get you there.

The line dividing the two is not always clear because what counts as jogging for one person, can be sprinting for another. But as far as sex is concerned, you will want to keep it aerobic most of the time. The ability to maintain uninterrupted intake of air is the mother of sexual performance.

The Anaerobic Magic

Does that mean you don’t need anaerobic exercise to boost your sexual fitness? Definitely not.

Even very fit people often overlook the benefits of anaerobic exercise. Occasionally pumping your breath to the limit and over will give you many useful traits, including a different type of muscle strength and a radical metabolic boost. But most importantly, it will massively increase your VO2 max, or the ability of your body to utilize oxygen during any activity, including sex. It is also worth noting that if you don’t have much time for exercise, an anaerobic workout will get you much fitter than an aerobic one in the same amount of time.

Organic Fitness

Being fit for sex includes different things, from stamina and endurance to having a body that feels comfortable with love. So, the best preparation for sex is maintaining a generalized or organic fitness. If you are unsure what it means, just think of everything as a more natural lifestyle, like the one of a hunter-gatherer. There would definitely be some running from beasts, picking things off the floor, climbing trees and mountains, crawling, hiking, swimming… you get the picture.

You don’t have to be the fastest runner, best climber, or strongest lifter, but you might just be regular enough in each of those activities to be quite fit and your sex life will reap massive benefits. And while you’re at it, keep in mind that your practice doesn’t have to be colossal every time, frequent mini-workouts can reap surprising benefits, too.

Keeping it Versatile

Arguably the best way to keep sex-fit is to remain versatile.

Building your strength will allow you to enjoy a wider spectrum of sex positions, keep your body tone, make you feel sexy, and boost your mood and libido. Good workout regimes might include weightlifting, various high-intensity workouts, and functional training.

Building your endurance will enable you to perform longer and to better control the onset of orgasm. Running, swimming, and cycling will help get you there.

Increasing flexibility will not only allow you to enjoy some unusual poses, but will also make you more comfortable when retaining a regular one for a prolonged period of time. Yoga, pilates, and various martial arts are all great ways to keep your body limber.

You might find some specialized exercises (which you have likely been ignoring) that boost specific structures very useful for sex. Kegel exercises, with or without pelvic floor trainers, fit the list perfectly, but there are also various yogic and tantric kriyas, as well as taoist exercises, that will help you build a better connection with your body and its sexual side.

Last but not least, having sex itself is a type of workout and, of course, the finest way to prepare yourself for even more sex.