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LGBTQ&A: Exploring Your Bicuriosity

We get a lot of feedback from our wonderful readers, and as June is Pride month, we are going to be tackling some of the questions we’ve received ...

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Like a Virgin: Book Excerpt from Jacky Donovan

Like a Virgin

The following story is taken from Instant Whips and Dream Toppings: a True-life Dom Rom Com, by Jacky Donovan, London’s most sought-after Dominatrix. It’s taken me about three ...

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My First Orgy

Some people might imagine a seedy gropefest in a darkened room. Others might picture an opulent and indulgent Greco-Roman affair, with grapes and wine spilling lasciviously over writhing bodies. In practice, a modern orgy is neither of these things - though there are certainly elements of both.

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