What’s the Difference Between SONA & SONA Cruise?

Whether you’re looking to buy your first sex toy or your 17th, shopping decisions are tough. After all, you’re making an investment into your pleasure! A big trend when it comes to sex toys in the past few years has been the introduction of non-vibrating sex toys that use sonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoral structure – it’s much more than meets the eye!

SONA and SONA Cruise are two such examples, but what’s the difference between the two?

What SONA & SONA Cruise Both Do

Unlike traditional vibrators that buzz against parts of your body, SONA and SONA Cruise have an inner plate in their ‘mouth’ that moves back and forth to make a tapping sensation without actually touching you. This sensation is able to bring you to intense, sudden climax that can almost take you by surprise. That’s why you should always start gentle and listen to your body.

How SONA & SONA Cruise are Different

Are you the type to get so overwhelmed with pleasure that you push your vibe (or your partner’s head – oops!) into your body with intense pressure? Then SONA Cruise may be for you!

The pressure you exert when pressing a toy against your body often cause interference with the moving parts of many vibrators, causing it to slow down – just when you want power to be consistent. With the unique Cruise Control technology, we were able to tackle this problem in the upgraded SONA Cruise.

Essentially, Cruise Control is a feature that holds back 20% of SONA’s full power during normal use, so that when SONA is pressed hard against  your body and the motor begins to drop power, that extra 20% is unleashed so that there’s no reduction of intensity!

Written by: Lea Marsden

For Lea, what once was “a European summer abroad” turned into traveling the world and studying sexual cultural differences for the past 6 years. She has a PhD in Gender & Sexuality and has a theory that dating guys in their twenties is an unpaid internship. She’s currently writing from a cafe in New Zealand.


  1. How do you wear the Lyla 2? In underwear next to my vigina Or inserted into my vigina. Do you have a use manual?

    • Hi there! The Lyla is worn internally with the string sitting externally for removal. It can also be used to stimulate the clitoris externally, whichever you prefer.

  2. i am 33 years old and have been married for 13 years. usually i dont have a orgasm when we have sex. recently my husband bought a sona 2 cruise to try on me. last night he had me get completely undressed and get in the bed. he then told me to relax and spread my legs as he put some lube on my clit.he then turned on the sona cruise and put it down on my clit. in just 25 or 3o seconds i had the best climax of my life. this is the most famtastic device i have ever seen.

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