Pleasure be thy name

Enjoy mess-free sex and masturbation even during the period with SILA™ and Intimina’s Ziggy Cup™! This revolutionary menstrual cup allows for mess-free sex and provides up to 8 hours of complete comfort. Ready to break some taboos?

save $39.95
Ina 3 Coral Red
operation allgasam

Double down.

Enter SORAYA WAVE™ & SONA™ 2 Cruise - a double pleasure combo that washes over you like an orgasmic torrent. Lube up using Personal Moisturizer, and add a little kink with TANTRA Feather Teaser.

TANTRA Feather Teaser Black
currently available only
in USA

save $142.9

Light up the room!

Grab hold of SILA™ and GIGI™ 2 and shine a light on both of your pleasure spots at once! TANTRA Feather Teaser is here to tickle your imagination, while the personal moisturizer makes sure everything goes smooth.

TANTRA Feather Teaser Black
currently available only
in USA

save $112.9
F1s V2 Red
This bundle offers a full-blown whammy of a climax as it features our most popular and beloved toys – the mindblowing SONA™ 2 Cruise for clitoral massage of your dreams, joined by the world’s most luxurious rabbit massager SORAYA WAVE™.
save $123.9
Sex never felt so good! Practice your prowess with our F1s™ Developer's Kit Red, then turn on the heat with TOR™ 2 and give your partner a night to remember. Or day, we won’t tell.
save $103.9
A quick and discreet release of tension with MIA™ 2 or a thorough exploration of your g-spot with GIGI™ 2, we’ve got you’ve covered and ready for a deep dive into bliss.
save $73.8
Relax your body with a fragrant, sensual massage candle, then explore the wonders of synchronized climax with our VERY popular couple’s toy TIANI™ 3.
save $54.9
Internal pleasures await experienced thrill-seekers with our beautifully designed MONA™ 2, helped on by a Personal Moisturizer.
save $58.9

Who’re you going to talk to about your mindblowing clitoral orgasms if your friends haven’t experienced it? Share the joy with two SONA™ 2 Cruise toys and make it extra moist with Personal Moisturizer.

save $78.8
shadow player

Be ready when you finally meet Player Two.

Keep your hands busy with LELO F1s™ and your disposition optimistic with HEX™ 36 pack. Personal Moisturizer is here to keep your game smooth, in both single-player and multiplayer mode.

save $59.8

Explore the secret pleasure of restrain, of the joy of giving and receiving. Experience the sensation of intense orgasm with INA™ 2, LIV™ 2, helped on by Personal Moisturizer and Etherea Silk Cuffs.

save $102.9
no pain all gain

Train yourself for the best orgasming experience of your life with the three tenants of LELO’s Pleasure Health Club: train (LELO Beads™ Plus), relax (Smart Wand™ 2), and orgasm (SONA™ 2)!

save $118

Baby, it’s hot inside.

Bundle for him and her - Loki Wave and Ina Wave will send shivers down your spine. But only the good ones, ofc.

save $153.9
Female orgasm? Sure!

Once you get Ina Wave, Soraya 2 and Gigi 2 you’ll do a full circle of pleasure. Personal Moisturizer is just to keep you going and going.
save $176.9
Boys just wanna have fun.

You can do so with Hugo, Bruno, and personal moisturizer. Cheers!
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Your new bundle of joy.

LELO’s femme bestsellers but in an improved, 2.0 version. The newest Sona 2 and Soraya 2 will keep you warm this holiday season.
save $112.9
Rough is a way to go.

This nicely packaged gift has everything for him and her. The newest SONA 2 and F1s Developer's Kit Red, plus a few little sexy helpers to make everything go smooth.
save $122.8

This bundle will make sure you’ll be hard.

Stop using your stocking. Here is the newest best thing for your jingle - F1s Developer's Kit Red. HEX condoms and Personal Moisturizer are just a plus.

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Mysteriously attractive.

Well-known LELO toys like Lily 2 and Gigi 2 can leave no one indifferent. You just can’t go wrong with this G-spot + clit combo!
save $103.9
Let the ride begin.

It’s easy to be sexy and content with Tiani 3, massage candle and a personal moisturizer. Ride with us, we have it all.
save $89.8
Let’s be honest - size does matter.

If you agree, you’ll love this bundle with Tor 2, HEX 36 Pack and a Personal Moisturizer to keep it smooth.
save $68.8

Who doesn’t like it dirty from time to time?

If you have a lover who’s open for some kinky stuff, you need to have this bundle.

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One to sleigh your sex life.

NEA 2 is a petite, quiet yet incredibly powerful vibrator that will rock your mind. Hop on and enjoy the ride.
save $30

Tis the season to be horny.

If you love your man, or if you love yourself enough, you’ll get this bad boy. LOKI Wave is the best sign of appreciation (khmm, prostate pleasure)  you can gift this season.

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Holiday wrapping done right.

Let’s be honest, you’re probably having more sex than ever during the holidays. Let’s make it safe and enjoyable with HEX 36 pack!

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The only decoration you’ll need.

Only good vibrations for your festivities. Hop on a wagon of fun, play and enjoy a good time for him and her.

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Welcome to an orgasm wonderland.

Dashing through the fresh white bedding with INA Wave will be better than any holiday party you’ll attend this holiday season.

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It’s like having fireworks in your underpants.

You don’t need to go a long way to find a golden gem. BRUNO is here to teach you everything you need to know about little prostate fun.

save $70

It’s like apples and cinnamon.

It’s the perfect toy for him and her. You’ll blend together in a combo that awakens all senses. Smells like a good time right here!

save $64
Shiver maker.

Oh-em-GiGi! Have you ever experienced the body shakes of a full-blown G-spot orgasm? You’re about to. The world-famous GIGI™ 2 takes G-spot orgasms to a whole new level. Its curved and flattened tip accurately targets your G-spot perfectly for exhilarating solo pleasure, every time.
save $34
A wise man knows his treasure.

You don’t need to go a long way to find a golden gem. BRUNO is here to teach you everything you need to know about a little prostate fun.
save $60

Better than wine and chocolate.

This handy little toy can substitute for all the sweet you’re gonna eat. Burn the calories with orgasms!

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Jingle blow, jingle low, jingle all the way.

Imagine a warm bubbly bath on a cold day. It will only get better once you have SONA 2 Cruise by your side!
save $30

Fits like a glove.

The most wanted gadget of the year will cheer up every single boy around the world this season. 

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Star on the top.

Soraya™ 2 is the perfect combination of power and precision. That’s just what one needs on a cozy holiday morning.
save $44
The brightest light in this winter night.

SONA 2 is something you’ll buy for yourself, your girl, your friend - that’s a perfect gift!
save $20

Mysteriously attractive

Well-known LELO toys like Lily 2 and Mona 2 can leave no one indifferent. You just can’t go wrong with this G- spot+clit combo!

save $128
girl power

You can get off with yourself

Give yourself permission to enjoy LELO’s Nea 2 and Gigi 2! Get to know yourself, your body and all of your sweet spots!

save $69

Let’s be honest - size does matter

If you agree, you’ll love this bundle with Elise 2, Tor 2, HEX 36 Pack and a Personal Moisturizer to keep it smooth.

save $118.8