sensual awakening

SenSonic™ Technology

The origins of SenSonic™ Technology


Almost two decades in the sex toy game brought us many valuable insights in understanding the human sexual drive and its magical powers. We came to realize it is more than just a basic human instinct. It is an unstoppable universal force that spreads like a sonic wave through all human beings. And that realization made us wonder - what other benefits can we reap from it? Possessed with this idea, we started developing a new technology that will help humans make a more profound connection, both with their partners but, more importantly - with their inner selves. Instead of focusing solely on the orgasmic powers of our toys, we took a holistic approach that will allow our users to embark on a wellbeing journey. Thus came the SenSonic™ Technology - a mixture of new sensations made to unleash a different type of orgasm.


How it works


Unlike classical vibrations, the SenSonic™ Technology provides a multi-level stimulation, emitting powerful sonic waves that penetrate deep within you, firing up your senses for a new type of sensation.


LELO SenSonic™ Range


Discovering the SenSonic™ properties allowed us to imagine and bring to life an entirely new range of sex toys, setting a new standard for sexual wellbeing and broadening the scope of satisfaction we can deliver to our customers.

Although the nature of this technology may only recently be discovered, there is already scientific data available that confirm its effects. A study on the impact of using SONA™ 2 Cruise, conducted by the University of Almería, suggests that the SenSonic™ Technology is working wonders in all age groups.

Study’s findings
  1. The most common (over 70%) and preferred (around 50%) method to reach orgasm among women participating in the study was simultaneous clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration.
  2. SONA™ 2 Cruise increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms with a partner, as well as genital sensations and the ability to concentrate on sex.
  3. Women who use SONA™ 2 Cruise 2–3 times per week showed a significant increase in genital sensations, sexual satisfaction (both personal and with a partner), sexual arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.
The entire SONA™ range stands as a monument to pleasure, offering a new way of clitoral worship using revolutionary sonic wave stimulation for an intense, deep release.
SILA™ feels like a teasing touch of a feather, making a soft yet profound sonic impact that reaches throughout the clitoris.
Where most sex toys stop, ENIGMA™ takes over and brings you over the edge to a sonic wave-induced double orgasm.
Don't think twice before inserting yourself into F1S™ V2, as ten motion sensors powered by two motors take you on a SenSonic™ ride of a lifetime.