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Dr. Tammy Nelson

Tammy Nelson, PhD is a Certified and Licensed Sex and Relationship therapist specializing in marriage and monogamy issues, eroticism, as well as recovery from infidelity and affairs. She works with addiction, online affairs, divorce, and LGBTQ issues.She is the author of several books including, The New Monogamy; Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity, Getting the Sex You Want; Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together and What's Eating You? A Workbook for Anorexia and Bulimia. Her eBooks include Six Weeks to Desire. Dr. Nelson has been a featured expert in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, RedBook, MSNBC, Shape, Men's Health, Woman's Day, Women's Health, Self, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone Magazine and a source inTime Magazine. She is also on the Advisory Board for Men's Fitness Magazine. She writes forHuffington Post, YourTango, and Psychotherapy Networker.