greek sex exotc euphemism

Greek Sex: Just an Exotic Euphemism!

Perhaps everything sounds a bit more exotic when you think of Greece. Envision a picturesque island, spending time with friends, lovers, or even yourself, sipping cocktails and having some incredible Greek cuisine.

And, well, the same goes for Greek sex… it’s kind of just an exotic term for something you already know…

greek sex exotc euphemism

What is Greek Sex?

Greek sex is, simply put, a fancier name for anal sex. It is said that the Ancient Greeks were completely on-board when it came to sexual relationships between males, even whilst universally, it wasn’t as welcome. 

The word ‘Greek sex’ was born, with the Romans using the term as a way to induce comedy during plays. They would depict anal sex in their scenes, which led people to believe that this kind of sexual activity was exclusive to Greek culture.

And while many words today have some sort of lineage to Ancient Greece, there was no such word that indicated ‘homosexual’ or ‘heterosexual’ in Greek. For them, sexual relations were… sexual relations. 

Being with someone of different or the same gender was normal and healthy, leading to the birth of the term ‘Greek sex’. Isn’t that simply fascinating (and quite impressive/forward thinking!)?

Why is Greek Sex So Appealing?

Now that we’ve established that Greek sex is simply anal sex, it’s no secret that this kind of sexual activity is quite popular—and not only among homosexual men! 

People of all walks of life enjoy different kinds of anal stimulation, be it solo with the use of anal sex toys or with partners. What’s so appealing about it?

Besides the fact that anal sex can be entirely erotic (especially for men who can have their prostate stimulated via anal sex or stimulation), there are several other reasons why it’s so popular.

  • The taboo factor: when something is “forbidden” or taboo, it often makes it more alluring or exciting
  • Novelty: trying something new releases the feel-good hormone, dopamine
  • A surprising accident: when a finger or tongue wanders, a receiver of anal stimulation may just find that it feels good and will want to continue
  • Orgasms: an orgasm can be intensified during anal sex, as the sphincter muscles contract during climax
  • It feels good: perhaps one of the most prevalent reasons to enjoy anal sex, is simply because it feels good! 

To get a bit more technical (and quite frankly, to stop beating around the bush), it’s no lie that men are often aroused by the idea of having Greek sex with a woman. 

Interestingly, heterosexual anal sex rates have soared in the last 60 plus years from around 15% of people having anal sex in the 1950’s to around one third of men having anal sex with women today.

Sure, this could be because some may have been embarrassed or too conservative to admit to having this kind of intimacy way back when, but these numbers are still quite telling.

Why Do Some Heterosexual Men Lust After Greek Sex?

Of course, there are dozens of reasons why heterosexual men may be turned on by the idea of having anal sex with a woman.

For some, the notion of finding a woman who will engage in Greek sex alone is enough to stir up arousal. The idea that this kind of woman is sexually explorative, that she’s interested in having this kind of sex with zero intent to get pregnant, is inherently arousing.

The sexual act itself is purely physical, and in some way, she is willing to simply enjoy her body without the intent to procreate.

Also, it has been said that women who engage in Greek sex tend to have more orgasms! Not necessarily during anal sex itself, but in general. The conclusion is that these kinds of women are more sexually adventurous, willing to try different things in order to find and embrace their sexual bliss.  

At the end of the day, we’re not saying that all women should be having Greek sex… but we are definitely big advocates of women who embrace their sexuality and enjoy pleasure. So go ahead, have all the safe, consented, and amazing sex… in whichever style that may be!