International Fetish Day

A Formal Introduction to International Fetish Day

Picture this – it’s the middle of winter, and while you’ve got no shortage of ideas when it comes to keeping things in the bedroom hot while the weather is cold, you have a specific appetite that can’t be satisfied by cuddles or shared showers…

Well pull out your latex and grab your most GGG (good, giving, and game) partner, because it’s time to celebrate International Fetish Day!

International Fetish Day

What is International Fetish Day?

Originating in the UK, this global event occurs on the third Friday of January as a celebration of fetishes, offer of support and awareness of the fetish community, and opposition to restrictive pornography laws that target ‘extreme’ sex acts.

How Can You Celebrate?

One of the ways this holiday is celebrated is by wearing purple – it allows members of the fetish community to spot each other while otherwise dressing ‘vanilla.’ (The ‘Perverts wear Purple’ slogan was missed by a British MP in 2008, who accidentally lent support to the cause!)

But other than sporting a pop of plum or hint of heliotrope with your usual outfit, how can you celebrate International Fetish Day?

Get Involved in the Fetish Community

Munch: A munch is a social gathering for those who are interested in BDSM. They are usually held at restaurants or bars, and do not involve ‘play,’ just meeting and talking with people who have the same interests, so they’re great to go to if you’re a curious beginner.

Heading straight to a munch might seem intimidating to many, but if you have an in to an invite, these casual meetups aren’t to be missed! They’re a great, low-pressure way to meet similarly interested folks in your area – and probably required if you want to get invited to a play party later on, especially as a single guy. However, the internet is also endlessly useful, so if as far as you’ll go this IFD is finally joining Fetlife, then good for you!

Head to (or Host) a Play Party

If you’re already involved with your local fetish community, there will probably be something planned for International Fetish Day, but why not host your own party? We have plenty of tips for doing exactly that from a world-renowned sex party hostess that will guarantee a good party – though you will still worry about having enough refreshments, there’s just no way to get around that.

Spoil Yourself (and Your Partner!)

If you’re more in the mood for a private celebration, then why not do pick up something new for your particular fetish? That could be a new collar if you and your partner are into pet play or other types of submission, or new impact implements if your tastes run more toward masochism.

Those on a budget can just look around the house for creative ideas that add fresh new twists on their fetishes – but if you’re looking to splash out, then look no further than the LELO’s own collection of luxury BDSM products! Its  wide range of individual products and sets offer a little something for everyone – plus, many come with a hint of purple, perfect for this holiday!