An Interview with Erotic Author M. Pierce

In the latest in a series of conversations with erotic writers from all over the globe, we asked M. Pierce about the success of the Night Owl erotic trilogy, and about erotic literature in general.

You can read an extract from Night Owl here.

Interview with Erotic Author M. Pierce

1. From where did you draw inspiration for Night Owl?

People and events in my life inspired Night Owl, as well as our current culture. We are a very online generation. Couples meet online at an unprecedented rate. I think the Internet allows us to expose our personalities quite freely to one another. When we meet in person, we immediately respond to the physical – the way a person looks, dresses, his or her body language, etc. When we meet online, it’s all about interiority – emotions, ideas, imagination. I like that, and I believe it allows for a type of intimacy that we lack in face-to-face interaction.

I’ve made a number of great friends online via collaborative writing projects, and what fascinates me is that I can write very emotional, complex, and occasionally romantic stories with relative strangers. My experiences writing with and getting to know people online translated naturally into the novel Night Owl. And of course I had a muse. Don’t we all?

2. Who would you consider influences on your writing?

The major influences on my writing are authors of classic literature, singers and songwriters, film directors, along with the occasional more contemporary author. Among my strongest influences I include William Faulkner, Hermann Hesse, T. S. Eliot, Willa Cather, Anne Rice, Fernando Pessoa, Bob Dylan, Lana Del Rey, Baz Luhrmann, and Gus Van Sant.

In short, any artist who produces emotionally provocative and atmospheric work influences my writing. Likewise, the people I’ve loved, and the people who have loved me, powerfully shape the landscape of my writing.

3. Who do you believe is currently doing great work in erotic literature?

This is a difficult question as I do not read widely in the genre. (Strange, I know!) I consider myself an outsider when it comes to the romance genre and I enjoy that perspective. However, I must mention and applaud author E. L. James, whose erotic Fifty Shades trilogy opened doors for so many authors, myself included. Erotica is now more widely read, appreciated, and accepted as a spin on the traditional love story. I also admire authors Christina Lauren and Tiffany Reisz. Reisz raises the bar in erotica with her excellent prose.

4. What, for you, constitutes “sexy”?

Many opposing qualities constitute sexiness for me, including the exposure and concealment of the body, confidence and diffidence, submissive silence and vocal passion, sexual experience and sexual naiveté. I also find willingness to experiment very sexy, body language, eye contact, and teasing, whether it’s physical teasing or a flirtatious exchange in public. So, what’s “sexy” for me is partly a state of mind and partly a state of being.

5. How has Night Owl Been received?

Night Owl has had a fantastic reception in the states and among readers abroad. Thanks to positive reviews from bloggers like Maryse, Aestas, and Totally Booked, Night Owl became a bestselling e-book in October and has continued to gain a readership with the paperback edition available in Target, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores.

So many readers have enjoyed (and blushed at) my main character’s dirty talk, which pushes the limits of decency. Readers also seem to appreciate the story’s fast pace and many passionate, kinky, and romantic scenes, which were a pleasure to write. Night Owl is very polarizing and provocative, and the 1000+ reviews on Amazon (US) and Goodreads reflect the strong opinions and buzz surrounding the novel.

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‘Night Owl’ Erotic Extract