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The New LELO Waves: Welcome To A New Age Of Orgasm

We are incredibly proud at LELO to introduce you to two new pleasure products that we’ve been developing for a very long time now. Ladies and gentlemen, meet ...

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LELO Launches First Pleasure Product Exclusively for Bankers

We’ve launched the first ever pleasure product for bankers. Yes, you read that right. And it’s not a joke: we figure they screw us so often that we ...

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ora 2 no text

The New ORA 2: Award Winning Oral Sex

Modesty is of course a virtue, but sometimes it’s good to sing your own praises. You might remember a little while back that the ORA™ became the first ...

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The Luna Smart Bead – Reach Your Full Orgasm Potential

This week, LELO has released an entirely new product, the LUNA Smart Bead™. Why? Well, riddle me this: is your orgasmic glass half full, or half empty? And ...

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Celebrating Iconic LELO Classics

Ah… memories. That’s what LELO does best: we help you enjoy unforgettable moments that make you smile for weeks, months, even years. Hopefully you have a particularly fond ...

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Don’t Judge a Sex Toy by its Price Tag – by Cara Sutra

The wonderful Cara Sutra, of 15-orgasms-per-working-week fame, knows pleasure better than most and sex toys better than anyone. We’re delighted to present her first contribution to LELO’s blog, ...

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blended orgasms

Ready, Set, Review! For A Chance to Win 1 of 20 Classic LELOs!

Here at LELO we love interacting with you, our customers. We always like to learn more about our products through your experiences. We have some big news for you in the ...

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Sex Toys and World Sexual Health Day 2014

Health and pleasure are inextricably linked, and nowhere is this clearer than in matters of sex. In the profoundly wise words of the World Health Organization: …[sexual health] ...

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mona gigi2

GIGI 2™ Vs MONA 2™ Product Comparison

GIGI™ 2 changed the way people look at G-spot pleasure and became the most iconic pleasure product in the world on its release. When MONA™ 2 was released, one ...

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There’s Nothing Casual about Casual Sex

Keep it safe, keep it informal, but when it comes to casual sex, just don’t expect it to be without its own precise – and at times puzzling ...

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