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How To Use Sonic Wave Massager SILA Cruise as a Nipple Stimulator

SILA Cruise is one of our best-selling sex toys that women all around the world love. And for a good reason – the gentle sonic wave technology mimics the sensation of mouth over your clit perfectly, bringing mind-blowing orgasms without a partner. 

But did you know that SILA Cruise can also be used as a nipple stimulator to bring you those delicious nipple orgasms? If you’re ready to explore new heights of pleasure with your favorite LELO toy, you’re in for a treat. 

What Is a Nipple Stimulator?

A nipple stimulator is a sex toy designed to stimulate your nipples to enhance sexual pleasure. They can be made out of any material, from silicone to steel to plastic, and come in different shapes and styles to fit different sexual needs. 

Benefits in the Bedroom

Stimulating your nipples feels good. It’s science. Nipple stimulation releases the hormone oxytocin, known as the “cuddle hormone,” and the sensation of the nipple stimulation registers in the same area of the brain as stimulating your genitals does. 

Some people are even able to reach orgasms with nipple stimulation alone. You might be one of those people and not even know it if you haven’t been playing around with your nipples.

So, if you want to increase pleasure during sex, it’s worth showing your nipples some love. If you don’t feel much pleasure at the start, don’t sweat about it. As with every new sensation during sex, it takes time, practice, and experimentation to find what feels the best for you.

You can experiment with your fingers or let your partner use their mouth on you to find the best type of stimulation. Or, you can choose to experiment with nipple stimulators.

Different Types of Nipple Stimulators


Tickling your nipples can feel amazing, and this type of nipple stimulator is a perfect place to start if you have sensitive nipples. It’s easy to use, can replace the soft touch of your hands, and can be a fun way to tease yourself or your partner. 

Nipple Clamps

Another type of nipple stimulator are nipple clamps. They are small clamps that give the light or more intense sensation of pinching. If you like pinching your nipples with your fingers, this could be a great alternative. 

You can find decorative nipple clamps with chains or feathers for added visual stimulation. And you can find nipple clamps that have added weights to them so that when they are pinching your nipple, there is the added sensation of pulling.

Vibrating Clamps

If you like the vibe, then you might want to go with vibrating clamps. It’s the best of both worlds because you have the sensation of pinching mixed with the sensation of a light vibe that could mimic your partner’s tongue. 


For those who love to have their nipples sucked, suckers will be the way to go. These nipple stimulators use the vacuum-like suction effect that offers a similar sensation to your partner’s mouth sucking on your nipple. Suckers are usually small and discreet, perfect for travel. 

Liquid Stimulators

We can’t forget the liquid nipple stimulators that can be a fun way to enhance the sensations during sex. You can find cooling salves you apply over your nipples for a cooling, tingly effect. It works very nicely combined with the warmth of your partner’s mouth.

Or, you might want to opt for warming liquid stimulators that provide the tingly warming effect. The sky is the limit here, and it’s worth trying both types to find out which stimulation works best for you. 

Meet the Nipple and Clit Stimulator of Your Dreams: SILA Cruise

SILA Cruise is a clitoral stimulator sex toy that offers the unique and pleasurable sensation of oral sex. The sonic wave technology allows for slow and deep stimulation, and the large mouth of the toy stimulates a wide area around your clitoris without putting direct stimulation over it. 

SILA Cruise makes for a perfect nipple stimulator toy for this exact reason. The mouth of the toy is wide enough to hug your nipple, stimulating the area of your breasts with gentle vibrations that send sparks of pleasure straight to your core.

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How To Use SILA Cruise As Nipple Stimulator

When you’re ready to experiment with your SILA Cruise, we have a few ideas to help you get started:

Start Slow

Don’t go straight for the nipple. Start by massaging your breasts and gently touching the skin around them, slowly making your way to the top of your breasts. When you feel ready, play with your nipples using your fingers and only then bring in the toy. 

It might be weird if you’re not used to vibrations against your breasts. But play around with the SILA Cruise nipple stimulator, using the mouth against your breasts and the nipples to find the right angle, pressure, and vibration setting. 

Get Wet

Did you know that SILA Cruise is fully waterproof, just like most LELO’s toys? Well, that’s good news for you because you can bring your new favorite nipple stimulator toy to the shower and bath with you.

If you like to masturbate with a showerhead, then SILA Cruise can complement the self-pleasure session very well. While you’re using the showerhead to stimulate your vulva and clit, hold the nipple stimulator against your nipples for added pleasure. 

Alternate Between the Two

Do you know what’s best about having a universal sex toy like SILA Cruise that can be used as both nipple and clit stimulator? It’s the fact that you can use it on both of your sensitive spots during solo play. 

When you use the toy on your clit, use your fingers to massage your breasts and play with your nipples for the combined sensations. And then, when you feel like it’s time to switch it up, press the nipple stimulator against your nipples, feeling the soft vibrations against your skin while you let your fingers play with your clit and your vagina. 

Bound and Stimulated

Have you ever tried surrendering the power over your pleasure to your partner? Well, it’s about time you do because it’s hot and can be a great way to change things up. And SILA Cruise can be a perfect toy to improve the whole experience.

Ask your partner to tie your hands or cuff them to the bed so that you can’t use them to touch yourself. And then let them use SILA Cruise and other toys and their hands to pleasure you. 

When you can’t move or get away from the pleasure, the sensation of the nipple stimulator against your nipples can be heightened, so be warned. You might experience the pleasure of orgasming solely by nipple stimulation alone.  

When in Doggy

Doggy Style is universally the most liked sex position amongst all genders. And it’s a sex position that leaves a lot of space for stimulation using sex toys because your clit and breasts are both easily accessible. 

SILA Cruise is perfect for holding against your clit while your partner penetrates you from behind. And it’s also perfect for holding against your nipples to enhance the pleasure and orgasm when you cum. 

Common Questions Answered

What’s the Difference Between SILA and SILA Cruise?

The answer is simple: Cruise Control Technology. 

This technology saves 20% of the toy’s overall battery, so it can be unleashed later when you press the toy harder against your body which prevents the motor’s power from dropping when you’re enjoying the peak of your pleasure.

How Does a Nipple Stimulator Work?

Every nipple stimulator will work slightly differently depending on what type you choose to use. But they all have a common goal of stimulating the nipple with different sensations. 

Nipple clamps work by pinching the nipple. Vibrating stimulators send gentle vibrations to the nipple like they would if you used a vibrator against your clit. Tickling stimulators offer the tickling sensation, and suckers mimic the sensation of sucking with the help of vacuum suction.

Why Can’t I Use a Nipple Stimulator if Pregnant?

The reason why it’s not recommended to use nipple stimulator sex toys while pregnant is because nipple stimulation is one of the known ways to induce labor. 

Nipple stimulation produces the hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is sometimes called the love hormone because it’s responsible for arousal during sex, and it also plays a huge part in the bonding between a mother and a child because it’s released during breastfeeding. 

When this hormone is released, it induces uterus contractions. Doctors use the synthetic version of this hormone called Pitocin when it’s time to induce labor at the hospital. 

In one study, researchers found that when pregnant women stimulated their breasts every day for 15 minutes, their brains produced more oxytocin, which later led to earlier labor. 

So, it’s best to consult with your doctor before using a nipple stimulator if you’re pregnant. They’ll be able to advise you on what’s safe and what activities you should avoid.