Shower Time Just Got a Whole Lot Steamier: A Guide on Shower Head Masturbation

Variety is the spice of life… or so they say! And sure, you may have a drawer, box or suitcase full of lustful sex toys, but trust us, there’s always room for something new (and free!). Vulva owners, did you know that your shower head could actually be your little secret sex weapon? 

shower head masturbation guide

And what’s great about flicking the bean in the shower is that it’s a completely innocent act—everyone needs to bathe, right? Jumping into the shower while living at home or with friends or a partner is perhaps the easiest way to get a little solo fun time in without raising any suspicion. 

But even if you do live alone, the shower head masturbation technique is sinfully delicious and we completely recommend that you give it a go.

Masturbating in the shower is an excellent act of self-care. It’s the process of cleansing oneself while enjoying the benefits of masturbation such as reduced stress, improved sleep, and higher levels of self-esteem and body confidence.

So, shower head masturbation: unsure of where to start? It’s actually super simple! Allow us to guide you…

How to Have a Blissful Shower Head Masturbation Session

Showerhead masturbation is a hands-off technique that feels different from using your fingers or sex toy. And to do it, simply place the showerhead onto your vulva and feel the pressure. 

Choose your favorite spot, like the clitoris, to experience stimulation, and play around with the various water pressure settings. If you’re lucky, your showerhead will have all kinds of fancy massage functions.

A little hint? The “pulse” showerhead setting has been known to be an extremely pleasurable experience!

And what’s also great about shower head masturbation is that, if you’re prone to squirting, the water will simply wash it away. No mess, no fuss, only pleasure! 

But, before you get too excited, you’ll have to make sure you have a retractable handheld showerhead so that you can direct the water stream accordingly and comfortably. Place the showerhead as close or as far away as you like, but closer with a stronger pressure is oftentimes favored.

Staying Safe with Shower Head Masturbation

There’s not a whole lot that can go wrong whilst enjoying shower head masturbation, but one thing to avoid is having the stream of water aimed in such a way that it enters the vagina.

This is because it’s similar to douching, which has been found to negatively impact the health of the vagina. Douching can remove healthy bacteria, disrupt its natural pH level, and increase the chance of getting a yeast infection.

Additionally, make sure that you’re in a safe and comfortable position that’s not slippery, and have something firm to grab onto in order to avoid any falls or injuries. Investing in a slip-resistant mat is also a very good idea to prevent any accidents. 

3 Different Shower Head Masturbation Techniques

While getting your groove on in the shower is quite simple, you could play around with different kinds of shower head masturbation techniques that may enhance your solo playtime.

1. Temperature Play

Temperature play can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as using a stainless steel sex toy, adding in candle wax or ice cubes to your intimate moment, or changing the temperature in the shower.

You can try this technique by pressing your front against the cold wall and touching yourself sensually whilst the warm water runs over your body. This will give the clitoris the sensation of hot and cold simultaneously, creating a different kind of stimulation.

2. Fantasize!

Fantasy is an important part of sexuality, as it actually serves a slew of psychological functions like meeting unfilled needs, providing comfort or distraction and mentally processing sexual scenarios before trying them. And as researchers at the University of Granada discovered, the more sexual fantasies one has, the more sexual desire they experience.

With that, you could use your most powerful sexual organ, the brain, to conjure up some of your favorite fantasies whilst in the shower. Perhaps some public play under a waterfall in Niagara Falls?

3. Listen to Erotica

If you’d rather let a sensual audiobook lead you into a sexy fantasy, that’s 100% fine too. You could find an erotic story and use it to really allow your levels of arousal to skyrocket before having some shower head masturbation fun. 

In this way, you have complete control over what kind of sexual stimulation to enjoy, and can be swept away in the height of passion, mentally and physically.

Alternatives to Shower Head Masturbation

If you love the idea of rubbing one out in the shower but you either don’t have a handheld showerhead or you don’t really fancy shower head masturbation, you could consider using a sex toy in the shower.

Using a sex toy in the shower is just as simple as it would be elsewhere, and the same rules of safety apply as when using the shower head. The only difference is that you would have to be certain that your chosen sex toy is 100% waterproof.

So, for those who thought that shower time couldn’t possibly get any more exciting, it seems that you were sorely mistaken! Enjoy your very own “free” sex toy aka the showerhead, or grab your best pleasure product to enjoy many an orgasm in the shower!