people with penises can squirt too

People with Penises Can Squirt, Too

As someone who was voted “most pessimistic” in grade school, it seems it’s in my nature to be a skeptic. So when I was recently informed that people with penises can squirt like people with vulvas, my immediate reaction was to question its legitimacy. A way of penis-owners saying: “Well, I can do that, too!”

people with penises can squirt too

However, the person who informed me of this bodily phenomenon, sex educator Lola Jean, is extremely credible. In fact, she currently holds the world record for volume squirting. 

“Though I’ve not experienced it first-hand, the description sounds very similar to my (and others’) experiences as people with vulvas,” Lola shares. “Multiple accounts describe the feeling leading up to it ‘like a tickle’ and the act of squirting ‘like a different type of pleasure along with the sensation of a release/relief.’” 

To satiate my own curiosity (and hopefully yours, too), I spoke with a number of self-professed squirters as well as a health professional and urologist on the mechanics of male squirting, which bodily fluids are involved, and the best techniques to make it happen.

What’s In It?

My initial curiosity was to verify the contents within the squirting fluid since this is also highly speculated among people with vulvas. 

The best available research has found that a vulva-owner’s ejaculate comes from the Skene’s gland (known as the “female prostate”), which contains prostate specific antigen (PSA) and prostatic acid phosphatase, as well as some components of urine.

For people with penises, however, urologist Justin Houman, MD, confirms that the fluid is, in fact, 100% urine. 

“During a typical orgasm, the pelvic floor muscle contracts, which triggers the prostate, seminal vesicles, and testicles, to release the various components of semen,” he explains. “However, during male squirting, the pelvic floor muscle contraction is so strong that it triggers the bladder to contract as well, making the bladder release its stored urine as an involuntary contraction.”

Arys, 28, observes that when he squirts there are times that “it definitely smells like pee,” adding that it will often occur when he masturbates prior to his morning pee. 

“It’s definitely urine,” Jacob, 26, assures. “I will drink lots of fluids just so I’m able to squirt much more from a full bladder because it feels amazing.”

What’s The Technique?

Many squirters practice a similar technique using the palm of their hands on the tip of the glans (or head) of the penis. They call this the “overstimulation method.” (Interesting fact: this technique has also proven to help penis-havers with shy bladders urinate in public spaces, like urinals.)

This is likely the most common technique because it will most likely trigger strong contraction of the prostate and pelvic floor muscles, which leads to bladder contraction and ‘male squirting,’” Houman says, adding that individuals who aren’t circumcised might have an easier time squirting since the skin and glans is more sensitive.

“First, I use lube; or in my case, spit,” Eren, 18, who posts squirting videos on Pornhub under the username Amateurswissguy, tells LELO. “Then I start rubbing the lube/spit all over the tip of my penis.”

Eren strongly encourages that people use lube, as it keeps the head of your penis slippery, which is important since this is where most of the action takes place. He then strokes his shaft for a minute or two, becoming fully erect, and begins rubbing the tip of his penis using the palm of his hand in small circular motions. 

After about five to seven minutes, Eren describes that the pressure and squirting sensation becomes stronger and eventually, he squirts, describing the sensation as a mix between “the urge to pee and an orgasm.” 

Of course, everybody is different and techniques will vary. Jake, 29, finds it’s easiest to squirt right after he has ejaculated. Using lube and “cuffing your hand and swivelling it around,” Jake (or a partner) will continue stimulating his glans post-orgasm “for an unbearable 15 seconds,” where he will feel “faintly orgasmic, but mostly sensitive,” before experiencing an overwhelming urge to pee. 

Others find that anal stimulation helps bring them over the edge. “I was playing with my toys and getting rough (in a good way) and I felt the urge to push out, like pushing out a crap, while thrusting the toy in me,” Jacob recalls of his first time squirting. 

Dr. Houman explains that, because anal play can stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, it can encourage a stronger bladder contraction.

What Does It Feel Like?

The general consensus is that squirting feels like a mix between “nearly orgasmic” and needing to pee. 

“It feels like your body is having an orgasm with contractions and facial expressions, but the feeling in your dick is similar to peeing,” Eren expresses.

Arys adds that, while it does feel amazing, it’s also uncomfortable, describing the sensation as “the same uncomfortable feeling one gets when someone keeps sucking your cock when you’ve orgasmed.”  

However, as is true with female squirting, not everybody can do it. “Only a small fraction of people have the ability to trigger their bladder to contract during orgasm,” Dr. Houman says. “Some people have the potential to do it, but it is not something that can be practiced.” 

So if you’re curious to try squirting, try doing so using the above methods. If, try as you might, you can’t spurt like a water fountain, don’t be too hard on yourself. At least you don’t have to tidy up afterwards.