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Romantic Gestures: Do’s & Don’ts

DOs and DON'Ts of Romance

Upon hearing the word ‘romantic’, images of embracing couples, trails of rose petals and candlelit dinners might come to mind. But just how true are these images to the word’s definition?

According to Webster, a romantic gesture is one “marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, mysterious, or idealized.”

Heroicadventurous and mysterious were perhaps not the adjectives that first came to mind, but who are we to question the great Webster?So to pay homage to a word so often misconstrued—LELO presents its top romantic gesture dos and don’ts—staying true definition.


Before you try to plan and pull of any romantic gesture, ask yourself Is what I am doing cliché?

If you’re not sure how to gauge this, here’s a tip: Pretend that your act of affection has been successfully executed. When your partner goes to recount your harrowing gesture to his or her friends, what will their reaction be?

If you envision anything short of joy and praise, head back to the drawing board.


When it comes to romantic gift-giving, timing is as important as the gift itself.

A common mistake new couples make is giving too much — both of themselves and their finances — too soon. Of course there’s a time and place for diamond rings and spontaneous getaways, but in the beginning keep your gifts small, cute and thoughtful.


Whoever said “you can never get too much of a good thing” obviously hasn’t encountered an over-zealous sexter.

Like all of life’s pleasures, the more frequently and recklessly you sext, the quicker it loses its seductive, spontaneous charm. However, once you master the art of sexting, all of your tantalizing texts will surely receive two thumbs up.


Every hour spent with your partner presents countless opportunities to display affection, and we often lose sight of how easy it is to warm someone’s heart.

If you’ve been together a while, think of some of the cutesy gestures common to the beginning of your relationship and revive them once more.

This might seem a little forced and even unnatural at first, but never underestimate the power of nostalgia.


If you haven’t caught on already, not all romantic gestures involve sex.  In fact, they don’t always have to involve you (bare with us now).

If your partner has an old friend they haven’t seen in years, try setting up a surprise visit. If a band they like is coming to town, surprise them with tickets.The most successful relationships are also the most selfless.


The longer we’re in a relationship with someone, the more we know about them—and forget about all they know about us.

Dig deep down and try to recall an obscure, once-mentioned interest of your partner—a meal, movie, place, song or even a quote—and build a gift or a date around it.  When you hear How on earth did you remember that?, consider it a sign of a job well done.

As every couple is so very different, it’s wise to take generic, overpromising relationship advice with a grain of salt. What one person sees as heart-melting could be viewed as utterly cliché in the eyes of another. However, we’ve selected our top dos and don’ts with one thing in mind—the ubiquitous human receptiveness to warmth, kindness, patience and support.

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