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What kind of sex advice blog would we be if we weren’t offering expert knowledge on elaborate pleasure? Enjoy better “me” or “us” time with our collection of sex tips, tricks and fun ideas to spice things up inside (or outside) the bedroom. You deserve your best pleasure.

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Introverts and Sex

introverts and sex

When we hear the word introvert, most of us imagine a person with robot-like social skills. Such extremes, however, are relatively rare, which is exactly what makes them …

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5 Vibrator Myths Busted

Vibrator Myths Busted

A myth is a widely held but false belief. A vibrator is a motorised device used for sexual stimulation. Put them together, and you have a formula for …

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A Safe Sex Guide for LGBTQ Folks

LGBTQ Safe Sex Guide

Sexual relationships and intimacy are complicated. And when identity and sexual politics gets thrown into the mix, this can create an even more complex situation. Being communicative about …

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The Ins and Outs of Autosexuality


“Do not criticize autosexuality, it’s making love with someone you like,” Woody Allen (Annie Hall)  Autosexual, in a nutshell, is when someone has sex with, and is sexually …

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