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Free Sex Stories

Looking for something to inspire you or just want to expand and spice your imagination? Take a peek at our electrifying free sex stories.

A Night Without Politics

A Night Without Politics

That night, Rachana waited at his apartment door before knocking. Standing there for the moment, she began to question everything, her entire play for power. Should she take …

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Selene Reverie – Erotic Story

Selene Reverie

As the sky turned a deep purple, seared by the moon’s beaming clarity, Selene’s room expanded. The walls pulled back, the ceiling rose, and the floor lowered to …

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Excerpt from Self’s Blossom – Erotic Story

Selene in the Sea

Excerpt from Self’s Blossom: Here, she was on a beach, pure and simple. Now the sea breathed heavily, whispering and murmuring to her. It was returning her stare, …

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Selene’s Beach Seduction – Erotic Story

Selene's Beach Seduction

Selene lay back on the beach, in pure reverie; her breasts firmed and swelled with desire, while her groin throbbed Just as her absorption felt complete, a speck …

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SB Demouement – Erotic Story


Six-thirty p.m. in the lounge – the prearranged rendezvous time if things had been normal. Selene was first to arrive. Would Hudson now feel inclined to turn up? …

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The Dark in Us Pt1. – Erotic Story

The Dark in Us

If we were to get caught doing this it would be the end of us. This “thing” we do would soon be replaced by explanations on my end. …

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Like There’s No Tomorrow – Erotic Story

Like There’s No Tomorrow

“Don’t let me have sex with you, Carter. I don’t think our little hearts could handle it.” She giggled nervously and bit her lip. “Aaaand that’s my cue …

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Gay short erotic fiction: Fellatio

Gay Erotic Story

Yin and yang We kiss on the bed, naked, our bodies were melting beyond their shapes. Our arms, legs and lips, everything mingles together as we feel every …

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One Night In New Orleans – Erotic Story

One Night In New Orleans - Lesbian erotic story

The room was filled with votive candles which flickered and filled the room with a warm glow. The king size bed dominated the room with its massive wooden …

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My First Time Using: GIGI 2

First time using GIGI

Please enjoy this anonymous and erotically-charged review of GIGI 2 G-spot massager from a member of Killing Kittens, an exclusive sensual party network! I have been a member …

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