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Free Sex Stories

Looking for something to inspire you or just want to expand and spice your imagination? Take a peek at our electrifying free sex stories.

One Night In New Orleans – Erotic Story

One Night In New Orleans - Lesbian erotic story

The room was filled with votive candles which flickered and filled the room with a warm glow. The king size bed dominated the room with its massive wooden …

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My First Time Using: GIGI 2

First time using GIGI

Please enjoy this anonymous and erotically-charged review of GIGI 2 G-spot massager from a member of Killing Kittens, an exclusive sensual party network! I have been a member …

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The Fourth Night – An Erotic Story in 4 Parts

In this final installment, the final three pleasure objects from the Anniversary Line of BDSM toys are brought out of the hotel room to play...

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The First Night – An Erotic Story in Four Parts

A couple meets at the train station to begin a weekend of pleasure as they experiment with the Anniversary Collection of BDSM toys

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Here & Now: A Lesbian Erotica Set to Music

Two women explore their love of the Arctic Monkeys – and their passion for each other – while discovering the delights of a strapless dildo

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Red Light – Erotic Fiction

Part 3 of an erotic series of a woman learning how to drive late in life while also discovering desire for her teacher

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Yellow Light – Erotic Story

Part 2 in an erotic series focusing on a woman who teaches adults to drive…and the follow the desires that drive them

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Bath Time – An Erotic Story

A bath is the perfect time for relaxation…as well as fantasies about a bewitching coworker

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Ocean – A BDSM-themed Erotic Fiction

Tides of passion rise in this story of two women exploring BDSM and role play with a very specific safe word

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To the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic Story

Elena might feel like she has two left feet, but her dance instructor has a few lessons to help her after class

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