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Self Love Days Report: Bringing the Uk’s Economy to Climax

LELO Self Love Days

Did you know that orgasms could be part of a ‘happiness boost’ for the British economy that could add up to £90 billion to GDP? At LELO UK …

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Ready for Climax? Give a Listen with LELO!

We at LELO might often be accused of having sex on the brain – consider us guilty – but we think we have a podcast that anyone can …

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Orgasms 101: Understanding Climax

From a more fruitful career to increased health and well-being, our motivations for having sex are as varied as the ways we can enjoy it. However no matter …

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Oops! Accidental Orgasms Explained

While some are afflicted with anorgasmia – the inability to orgasm — there are those for whom the pendulum swings the entirely opposite way: people who have orgasms …

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Gotta Catch ‘em All! 6 Different Types of Orgasm

‘Nut’, ‘bust’, ‘come’ or ‘cum’ (ugh) – no matter what you call it, an orgasm is an orgasm. Or is it? As you likely know, climaxes come in …

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Pedal to the Metal: How To Make Sure You BOTH Orgasm During a Quickie

We get it: you’re busy! What with work, socializing with friends, hitting the gym, house admin, maybe childcare, daydreams about marathon sex sessions can end up being just …

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Are Male Multiple Orgasms Possible?

In the ongoing race between the sexes, we often assume that women get the short end of the stick, given how much more difficult – or at least, …

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Where in the World Can You Have the Best Orgasms?

Did you take part in our Orgasm Day 2017 survey? We had over 2,200 respondents from 21 different countries share their most intimate secrets with us, and the results were …

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9 Myths & Facts about Your Orgasm

Every year, the number of studies proving the physical, emotional, physiological and even societal benefits of sex and orgasms just keep on growing. Nowadays it’s no secret that …

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Want to Have Multiple Orgasms? Here’s an Expert’s Advice

“Are you a one-hit wonder when it comes to clitoral orgasms?  Do you, like many of us, experience the intense and sudden post-orgasm “Don’t touch me!” effect, often …

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