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Female Ejaculation: What Is Squirting?

Let’s be up front: this is an article about female ejaculation. An ejacularticle, if you will. As such, there is some graphic and explicit language ahead, and necessarily …

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The New LELO Waves: Welcome To A New Age Of Orgasm

We are incredibly proud at LELO to introduce you to two new pleasure products that we’ve been developing for a very long time now. Ladies and gentlemen, meet …

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The Orgasm Mini-Survey

LELO loves to help you reach your orgasms and, just for fun, we want to know more about them! Take part in our (completely anonymous) mini- survey below …

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The Luna Smart Bead – Reach Your Full Orgasm Potential

This week, LELO has released an entirely new product, the LUNA Smart Bead™. Why? Well, riddle me this: is your orgasmic glass half full, or half empty? And …

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Blended Orgasms – What, How and Why?

It’s no secret that when you mix two brilliant things, the result is often more than the sum of its parts. This is absolutely true of orgasms: a …

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Come Together – An Erotic Story

The following short erotic fiction sees a couple experiencing the intense shared sensation of a couples’ sex toy for the first time. Read on… It was a heated …

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Fantastic Foreplay Tips You Haven’t Tried

One of the secrets to a more satisfying sex life is by mastering more enjoyable foreplay. And while we here at LELO treat foreplay as serious business (because …

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What Are The Different Types of Orgasm?

Clit Vibrator Sale: Up to 47% Off During SONA’s 1st Anniversary! They say variety is the spice of life – and orgasms are no different! Indeed, research suggests …

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Fake Orgasms: The Facts & Figures

Gentlemen readers; have you ever had the sneaking suspicion you’re being ‘faked on’? Well, your intuition is more than likely correct; according to a study from the University …

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Aches and Pains? Here, have an Orgasm

It’s no secret that orgasms are awesome. Aside from the obvious reasons (they feel awesome), they also reinforce pair bonding between partners, and you can keep in even …

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