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Aches and Pains? Here, have an Orgasm

It’s no secret that orgasms are awesome. Aside from the obvious reasons (they feel awesome), they also reinforce pair bonding between partners, and you can keep in even …

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Reach Your Big ‘O’

Here at LELO, we’re big fans of orgasms and we’re big fans of statistics, so allow us to throw a couple of orgasm-related stats your way. While there …

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LELO Q&A: Reaching Climax During Lovemaking

Did you know that LELO’s Wellbeing Experts write a monthly column in Wellness Magazine? Well, considering that it’s a Sweden-only publication written entirely in Swedish, we don’t blame …

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LELO How-to: Have Multiple Orgasms

It’s true that too much of a good thing can be bad for us, but when it comes to orgasms, we believe that the sky is the limit. …

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5 Orgasm Facts You Need to Know

Ancient Buddhist teachings say that trying to use words to describe life’s most wondrous feelings—peace and enlightenment for example—strips them of their true essence. And while most of …

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200 Orgasms for Better Health – But Who’s Counting?

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away? A prescription for pleasure? The titles for this section practically wrote themselves when we read about a recent study from …

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