Female Orgasm Day

Female Orgasm Day is for Exploring

Can we please start a petition to make every day Female Orgasm Day? We should really take this day (August 8th) to 1. orgasm, and 2. talk to our girlfriends about orgasming. Why? You’d be pretty surprised how many women don’t know if they’ve ever orgasmed or not. And I think many of us can agree, when you know, you know. We want women everywhere to be empowered and in control of their own sexuality and pleasure because it’s never too late to invest in your own happiness.

Female Orgasm Day

For those of us who are avid orgasm-ers, this simple guide can still be helpful in achieving different types of orgasms, because lord knows we have a lot going on with our anatomy. What’s probably most important to achieving any type of orgasm is getting vulnerable and letting loose on the idea in the first place. After all, sex is so much about the journey and not “hitting a goal” can really hinder overall satisfaction. Always aim higher, and always enjoy the ride to the top.

Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral orgasms have often been compared to a tingly sensation that overtakes your entire body, almost like getting goosebumps, but pleasurable. Your clitoris has so many tiny nerve endings on it, and it’s the most common type of orgasm stimulation for women. Start off by gently rubbing your clitoris in a circular motion with your fingers and you can eventually transition into a vibrator or even your partner’s tongue (hey-o!). By the way, the clitoris is located right underneath the top of the hood of your labia or what most people would call the vagina lips. We really need to teach our partners about this goldmine location, but I’ll save that for another article. Most vagina-owners also don’t know that the external part of the clitoris, what’s visible to us externally, is only the tip of the entire clitoris. That’s why LELO has designed specific massagers with pulsing technology to stimulate 75% more of the clitoris.

Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal orgasms can be felt from inside the vagina with contracting and pulsating vaginal muscles that spasm on and off for around half a minute or so. Some even argue that vaginal orgasms are clitoral orgasms since the clitoris is much bigger than we think. Regardless, what most people refer to as the “G-spot” is an internal location on the front top area that some women find stimulating. Did you know that on average the female orgasm lasts about twice as long as the male orgasm? Pretty insane and totally awesome. There is a big myth that this is the “best” way for a woman to achieve an orgasm, but it is usually the most difficult and takes some practice. You can lay on your back and insert your fingers or a sex toy into the vaginal whole. With your fingers, you’ll want to curve them towards the top of your stomach in a “come hither” motion. This area can even lead to female ejaculation for some women.

Anal Orgasms

Like vaginal orgasms, anal orgasms also cause contractions, but this time around the sphincter. I’m not going to lie to you, anal play requires an investment into some lube. The anus is much tighter than the vagina and does not produce lubrication on its own. As far as stimulation, you can simply start by rubbing your anal opening and eventually progress to all sorts of fun stuff like fingering, butt plugs, and of course anal sex. However, at these levels we can’t emphasize enough the importance of lube. I think your partner would be pretty impressed if you started stimulating your anus during sex, and let’s not forget that the male G-spot is in the anus too.

Combination Orgasms

It’s the same euphoric feeling as when the waiter asks, “Would you like a side of fries with that?” Um, yes please! Combination orgasms can obviously be achieved through a variety of ways, but the most common is simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot. Warning: this will result in an extremely explosive orgasm with potential body convulsions. Honestly, combination orgasms require a lot of experimentation. You can try clitoral stimulation along with penetrative, or nipple stimulation along with clitoral. It’s really just about finding out what works for you. 

Erogenous Zone Orgasms

For women that are extremely sensitive to touch, there are a ton of erogenous zones on the body that can cause an orgasm (inner thighs, ears, nipples, neck, belly button – to name a few). A fun way to discover these zones is incorporating a feather and running it on different parts of the skin to see what feels good.

By the way, none of these are the end-all-be-all. If they aren’t working for you, then they aren’t working for you. Getting frustrated can seriously hinder achieving an orgasm. Also, when it comes to orgasming with a partner, communication is vital, because how can we expect someone to know how to pleasure us if they don’t know what we like? Sometimes we don’t even know what we like, which is why masturbation is exciting. Sexuality is a journey that changes over the course of our entire lives. Have fun exploring and don’t forget to keep in touch with yourself.