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Using Wireless Vibrators… In Public!

Since the dawn of man, it’s been a dream that we have kept like a glowing red coal clutched in the cradle of our hearts; that one day, there would be a sex toy we could use with a partner in a public setting.

Well count yourself lucky to be among the living in the 21st century; in these heady days when technology has finally caught up to the dreams of man, and by God, you can indulge in your exhibitionist streak and use a sex toy with your partner, in public.

But before you go running off to your cousin’s kids’ baseball game with a wireless remote controlled vibrator, take our tips on how to enjoy yourselves safely as well as appropriately.

The Setup

What you’ll need is a small and discreet bullet (otherwise called and egg) vibrator, or a motorized variant on the classic pleasure beads concept. Either way, a vibrator that is worn within the vagina is what you’re after – make sure it’s quiet enough that people around you won’t hear it!

You’ll also need an eager-to-please and tech-savvy partner with a love for spontaneity, meaning you can hand him a wireless remote controller at any time and they’ll know exactly what to do.

Two is a Party; More is a Crowd

On your intimate adventures, keep your group contained to just you, your partner – and no one else. This means that a table for two at a restaurant is okay, but a friend’s dinner party is off-limits for sure.

So, Where Can you Use One?

The perfect places for public pleasures are generally where you and your partner are among a number of people, but not necessarily required to interact with them. This means that a dinner for two or some drinks at a bar, a shimmy on the dance floor at a club, or a long bus or train ride is all fair game.

Pro Moves

He or she who controls the remote control can try some of the following tricks to keep the wearer’s interest, like;

Phone Fun

So we all get phone calls when we’re out at dinner or in an otherwise one-on-one setting with our partner, but to answer the call during dinner? That cannot stand. Wait until they are mid-conversation with whoever it is on the other end, and then crank up the intensity on the wireless remote. That will get the attention back on you right quick.

Inside the Actors Studio

In this exercise, simply have a conversation with your partner, and when they speak to you, slowly increase the vibration intensity while they try to keep their cool.