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Unfinished Business – The Recipe for Great Weekend Getaway Sex

We tend to actively keep only a tiny number of our sexual experiences in our memory, especially from long lasting relationships. But those we do remember are usually quite remarkable and I’ve noticed that some of the best ones I remember tended to come in the form of little bursts that stretch over long periods of time building up to a grand finale. So I figured maybe we could turn that into a formula for an awesome sexual experience in general.

What Makes Memorable Sex?

Let me recall a fond memory of mine. The wife and I were freshly married and alone on a beautiful beach, summer was peaking, our vacation started a couple of days before, but we just began relaxing for real at that moment, which naturally led to us getting a bit playful. But, just as things started to get hot, a pair of strangers arrived at the beach, so we stopped. We went for a swim, then relocated to a more secluded beach and the whole scenario repeated. So we relocated again and guess what, as if in a frustrating dream, it happened over and over again. A couple of times we came close to orgasming, but at that point our frustration was piling up. Our desire grew to the point where we felt like we just had to get it over with. We were stationed in a camp nearby and decided to just go straight to our tent. However, near the camp, we unexpectedly stumbled upon some friends we haven’t seen in a while and were invited for a drink we couldn’t refuse. One drink became many and, though we had a good time, we felt horny and energized with desire the whole time. By the time we said our goodbyes it was already dark and instead of going to our campsite, we decided to just go to the beach and make love under the clear night sky instead. The magic of it was mind-blowing.

What made this sexy day stand out among many is, of course, the slow and steady buildup of sexual energy. Naturally, the whole thing is replicable without the distractions and frustration. We used the same formula repeatedly for weekend getaways and some great vacation time alone and it works every time as long as you can allow yourself a truly carefree relaxed day.

Here’s what you need:

Some free time away from everyday stuff (especially work)

It goes without saying that great sex requires your mind to be clean from boring mundane stuff. There’s a reason why, statistically speaking, mind-blowing fucks are more likely to happen on weekend trips and vacations than at home, where there’s always mental baggage of things like work and unpaid bills.

Make it about each other 

Dedicate some effort to plan a day where two of you as a pair have the main role, so for instance you would prefer a light hike and a nice meal in a restaurant with a view over a heavy sightseeing schedule. I wouldn’t expect very wild sex after spending five hours looking at the masterpieces from the Louvre collection.

Admire your partner

Allow yourself to remember the stuff you find sexy about your partner… observing their shape, their smell, their taste. Enjoying each other’s bodies is not just about intercourse. Every touch and kiss add to the erotic charge and the feeling of gratitude that you’re sharing your passion with that person. So, you shouldn’t be shy about them.

Start your day lazy

I mean it, don’t get up straight, make out a bit, cuddle, you can even just make love for a little while, but without getting too heavy and risking going all the way and orgasming. You don’t start a marathon with a sprint.

Go a bit crazy 

Give your imagination some space to make this day sexy. Maybe wear a summer dress with no panties, or wear a cock ring, a plug or even a remote-controlled vibrating toy. Making out and some heavy petting in strange and public places is also hot as hell. Or maybe even a short unfinished session of oral or other sort of sex. Whatever keeps you charged…

Avoid heavy meals

Large meals are a major enemy of sexual performance and if I had to choose, I would always prefer having sex on an empty stomach. As a matter of fact, a quicky on a hotel balcony (with no resolution of course) before dinner can be a great intro into a grand finale.

Dedicate Enough Time And Energy For The Grand Finale 

 The whole thing is about the journey, not destination, but that doesn’t mean that the grand finale shouldn’t be majestic. So plan accordingly to avoid the risk of building the erotic tension on some romantic exotic vacation only to realize you’re too tired for sex after spending your day hiking or surfing in the sun. Or perhaps discovering too late that you should have brought sunscreen to the beach and your skin is all blistered and aching. Be spontaneous about your day, but plan well so that you get your happy ending in every possible sense.