VR sex toys

What Are The Current VR Sex Toys?

‘When I was your age, sex was something that took place between two flesh and blood people!’ is something we will be saying to our grandkids. Even then, that situation might be assuming too much if the current advancements in sex toy tech keep moving forward at a breakneck pace: perhaps we’ll be saying it to our grand-bots instead!

VR sex toys

No matter what you desire, you’re only ever a few clicks away from fulfilling them, be it with a sex toy, pleasure product or even a hookup app. And what with recent advances in virtual reality applications for sex and pleasure, we are soon headed towards a future where real sex in the physical space between two adults will be a nostalgic experience.

However it might surprise you to know that ‘Virtual Reality Sex Toys’ isn’t just a sex toy connected to a VR headset. Technologically advanced sex toys that provide a ‘virtually real’ experience are ones that do things that traditional sex toys, and the traditional ideas & functions of sex, cannot deliver.

So what are the current items on the sex toy landscape that count as virtual reality sex toys? Well if you’ve got the cash to burn you can try out the very latest in real sex doll technology.

Gone are the days when a sex doll was something that you’d inflate first before avoiding its lifeless gaze – most likely you’d have bought it as a joke, but for many, owning a blow-up doll was no laughing matter. One could actually consider the traditional blow-up sex doll as a fore runner to the virtual reality sex toys and the hyper-realistic sex dolls of today, as they attempted to present male users with their best approximation of a female partner. As laughable as that may sound today.

If you’ve got an extra 5 thousand bucks lying around, you can be among the elite crowd of people who own the latest crop of RealDoll lifelike sex dolls. They’re so advanced, and thus expensive, with their engineered pose-able joints and lifelike looks based on Hollywood special effects technology that ownership is only in the tens of thousands so far.

The RealDolls promise a virtual sex experience based on providing a lifelike ‘partner’ here in the physical world that you can pose and position as you see fit. However on the complete other end of this pendulum swing of innovation is something called the Launchpad, which is simply described as an iPad case with an attached masturbation sleeve.

With a masturbation sleeve attached to the underside of your iPad, you’re essentially… having sex with your iPad. The company who makes it, however, swears that it’s a leap forward in virtual reality sex as you match the motions of your chosen POV porn video. Color us skeptical about the whole thing.

We must say though that while the masturbation sleeve category of sex toys has absolutely blown up in recent years as men discover that penile pleasure doesn’t just have to come from giving yourself a hand. Consumers are clearly much more comfortable with purchasing them more and more, and we think it’s simply because when they’re made well, they’re pretty amazing.

Sextech is the burgeoning new field of development where pleasure product technology is moving, and masturbation sleeves are on the front line. And no, we’re not just talking about sticking them to the back of an iPad.

Where once a masturbation sleeve was something you’d just use to jerk and thrust to climax, sextech items like the LELO F1S use sonic pulses that deeply resonate within your penis and the surrounding tissue for all-new levels of sensual bliss.

And here’s the exciting part: as VR technology and VR headsets are finding their way into more and more homes, the SexTech toys will start being just as common a household item.

The LELO SexTech masturbators – the F1S Prototype and the F1S Developer’s Kit RED – are open-source, meaning that budding young developers and coders will be able to make of them whatever they want. Needless to say, this has exciting applications for virtual reality pleasure, as programmers will be able to match sensations from the F1S masturbation sleeve directly to the action taking place in a VR motion video.

Likewise, another programmer will be able to take feedback from within the F1S, say, your thrust speed or even your current arousal level, and have that influence the action taking place in your VR headset.

True Virtual Reality sex toys may still be a ways off, however with some ambitious programmers and coders on the job using innovative products like the LELO SexTech F1S, it’s a future that’s not so distant after all.