Press Releases

LELO Created Chemistry on Daytime TV

San Jose / Stockholm / Melbourne – December 15: LELO was featured very prominently this week on one of the UK’s most popular...

Merry Kinkmas – How to Give More to GET More

Stockholm/San Jose – December 13th, 2016: Give, and you shall receive. A lesson we can all live by – especially when it comes to...

LELO HEX™ Claims a Top Spot in Iconic Trophee de la Communication Award

Stockholm / San Jose / Melbourne – December 12: In a year full of accolades and acknowledgements, LELO once again announced a...

LELO E LE STORIE TESE wins the Digital PR & Social Media Relation Award 2016

San Jose/ Stockholm/ Melbourne – 5 December 2016: The International Relational Strategies Grand Prix, an icon in the industry of...

“LELO HEX Education Throughout The Nations” Campaign In Support Of World AIDS Day

Stockholm/San Jose – November 30th, 2016: It’s 1986, America is in the midst of an AIDS epidemic and the British government has...

5 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Should Be All About Sex (Again)

Stockholm, Sweden / San Jose, California – Nov 22, 2016: Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the US, if not the...