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does sex get better with age
At all ages, poor body-image diminishes sex!

When was the last time you saw images of aging bodies having a fabulous time? You can`t remember, right?

holiday gift
How To Give The Thoughtful Gift Of Pleasure This Holiday Season?

Buying a holiday gift is usually pretty complicated, especially if you give it to someone whose reaction matters.

international day against homophobia
A Reminder Which Should Never Be Dismissed

Does May 17th ring a bell? We know, there are numerous special days to celebrate, but this one deserves to have a strong reminder.

kinky sex
Safe, sane, and above all consensual: Valerie Tasso and LELO explain the basics of kink and BDSM

Though BDSM is often misunderstood, activities that fall under its umbrella have been part of the human experience across the ages.

masturbation month
If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On!

Sex with all of its forms can be found in every segment of the arts - in theory, application and physical expression in all cultures and societies...

orgasm day
Orgasms are good for you. Period.

Even though we don't need any encouragement for orgasming, it seems we could use some for having that big "O" while menstruating.