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senior sex survey
Sex after 60? There’s no need to worry about losing your libido as you get older

Even though intimacy takes different forms and meanings as we age, it can be just as satisfying. And many game-changing events that have occurred...

Speaking emoji
SPEAKING EMOJI: What if there was a single emoji to say

Following a survey exploring the use of emojis for sexting, LELO, submits the application for the creation of the world’s first official #sexemoji...

Amber Rose Gets Into Bed with Luxury Sex Toy Brand LELO

Stockholm, Sweden, 6 February 2018; Today, the world’s leading designer sex toy brand, LELO, and the world’s baddest bitch, Amber Rose, announced...

Sex trends in 2018 and that hot virtual insanity

Stockholm – January 4th 2018: Last year, taking information from LELO’s Global Sex Survey, we mastered a bunch of trends that were pretty...

LELO Returns with Entirely New Sonic Sex Toy for More Clitoral Stimulation

Stockholm / San Jose / Melbourne – October 5th, 2017:​ The world’s foremost pleasure brand, LELO, today revealed a brand new...

Amber Rose Foundation Announces Partnership with Global Pleasure Brand LELO for Slutwalk 2017

12 September, 2017: Las Vegas/Stockholm/Melbourne: The world’s foremost pleasure brand, LELO, today proudly announced that it had...