Press Releases

LELO Reveals Growing Trend in Female Friends Gifting Each Other Sex Toys

Stockholm/San Jose – November 25, 2015: With only 2 days left until the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday through...

LELO Reveals New Aphrodisiac Scented Massager

Stockholm/San Jose – September 24th, 2015: LELO, the global leaders in pleasure, today revealed LILY™ 2, an aphrodisiac scented...

LELO’s Top 8 Reasons Why We Should All Orgasm More

Stockholm/San Jose – July 28th , 2015: As red-blooded beings we love having orgasms. Orgasms are great. You can have clitoral orgasms, G Spot...

History's 10 weirdest Facts about Masturbation

Stockholm/San Jose – May 17th, 2015: In the spirit of Masturbation month, LELO took a look at the colorful history of masturbation around the...

LELO's Top 10 Tips for Masturbating as a Couple

Stockholm/San Jose – May 7th, 2015: Masturbation. For such a universal act, we tend to shroud it in a lot of euphemism and secrecy. Many consider...

Cannes Film Festival Set to Screen Movie by Sex Toy Makers LELO

Stockholm/San Jose – April 16th, 2015: Luxury sex toy brand LELO today secured a place at the 68th Cannes Film festival, from 13th– 24th May in...