Curious About Anal Sex?

Curious About Anal Sex? Here’s Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

We’ve got the ultimate guide to everything about anal, from how to have your first anal sex to anal cunnilingus and pegging.

The world is filled with two people – those who have thought about anal sex and liars. Whether you’ve since experienced it yourself or are still toying with the idea of crossing that frisky frontier, chances are you still have questions, and a few things you could learn about making anal as amazing as possible for both partners.

Like, why does anal sex feel so good for people with a prostate? Can anal sex ever feel good for someone who doesn’t have one? Do straight guys peg? Is rimming dirty? How much lube is too much lube?

There’s a lot to learn about anal sex, including how pleasurable it can be for both men and women to give and receive. If you have questions, well seek and ye shall find – below, we have everything you need to know for better sex from behind!