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Plastic Passions: A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Dolls

Think those busty silicone babes are just for wealthy weirdos without a mistress? Not in this day and age.

Sex dolls are picking up a mainstream following with regular couples all over the world. As it turns out, life-sized love toys are the latest ambitious sex toy trend to pop up in everyday bedrooms. From talking sex robots that actually have a computerized orgasm to larger-than-life, pose-able ladies complete with bouncing boobs, love dolls bring a wildly unique type of sensuality to your options as a sex toy consumer.

Just 10 years ago, most sex dolls were incredibly expensive, but today’s silicone dolls aren’t just for the rich and horny anymore. These impossibly perfect specimens used to retail for tens of thousands of dollars, but thanks to advances in manufacturing, there’s a plastic love lady for (almost) every budget.

We’ve seen them for as low as $1,500, but the average price seems to retail around $3,000 for a top-quality doll. They’re not the cheapest investment, but then again, neither are those saddle-style, super-powered, ride-on vibrators that have been the crème de la crème of pleasure products since the 1990s.

Bringing a third wheel into your love life – even if she’s made in a factory – can be a little intimidating, but with a bit of creativity, a sex doll can be the best threesome you’ve ever had – no morning-after awkwardness necessary!

We’ve put together this little guide to enhancing playtime with a silently sexy new partner so you’ll begin to see sex dolls as the next frontier in your sex toy explorations.

Easy-Peasy Threesome

Having a threesome might be a top fantasy for adventurous couples, but let’s face it: finding your perfect ‘unicorn’ partner is about as easy as – well, finding an actual unicorn! And even if you do nab that magical third lover, there’s still a mess of emotions to sort through so everyone has a good time.

Instead of waiting around for your unicorn to show up, try some three-way love with a silicone gal. Think of it as the perfect threesome where everyone gets what they want, no strings attached.

So what can you two do with an inanimate third person? Whatever you want.

Dress her up in clothes or lingerie and pretend to wine and dine her before you do her. Don your highest black heels, a leather corset, and treat her like the submissive slave you’ve always fantasized about. Shove her face in your crotch while you finger her lubed-up, silicone vag.

Obviously, the whole point of a sex doll is to fulfill your wildest dreams, no matter how unrealistic or impossible those dreams might seem outside your thoughts. You can take out all of your sexual frustrations and most extreme fantasies on a plastic person, and as long as you still practice consent and follow boundaries with your human partner(s), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so.

All the Single Ladies

Sex dolls have a big reputation with the boys, but ladies, don’t believe the hype. If you’ve ever fantasized about some casual girl-on-girl, but aren’t ready to take the plunge with a real, live babe, there’s no shame in a secret bedroom test run with a plastic hottie.

Bi-curious fantasies are super common among most women, even if the thought of actually getting down with a girl is too much to handle. If you’d rather practice your tongue skills on a vulva that’s not attached to a flesh-and-blood person, a sex doll is the ticket to girl/girl heaven without crossing past your comfort zone.

Yeah, we get it. It probably sounds and feels really weird to buy a sex doll as a woman, but just like it was once considered weird and even pathetic to own a vibrator, we’re hoping this stupid stigma about sex dolls loosens up, too.

Honestly, we’ll even bet that a lot of guys would be pleasantly surprised and super aroused to know the girl they’re dating or getting serious with is down with a sex doll.

Sexy Stand-In

No matter how sexually in-sync you and your partner may be, (or hey, maybe you’re still fighting just to find common ground on your feelings toward anal sex), it’s almost impossible to meet all of their sexual desires.

If you’ve already decided that a threesome or an alternative love style, like swinging or polyamory, are out of the question, but one of you is just dying to bring this fantasy to life, let a silicone sex doll be your sexual stand-in.

For example, if your partner craves butt play, but you can hardly bear the thought of the tiniest anal toy, a sex doll won’t mind stepping in and satisfying your lover’s anal urge. Or maybe one of you is curious about a more extreme type of sex like fisting or using huge sex toys, super tight bondage, or face fucking. Now your partner can safely explore their fantasies and you can participate in a way that’s within your boundaries and comfortable for you, too.

Sex dolls keeps everyone happy without putting undue pressure on living, breathing partners, and that’s a huge step forward for folks with differing sexual interests who don’t wish to engage in a threesome or a non-monogamy practice.

She’s (Literally) Just a Toy – So Just Have Fun!

There’s no reason to worry that your silicone sex babe is going to replace you or teach your partner unhealthy standards. After all, a big hunk of silicone can never take the place of a living, breathing human lover, and no one expects you to match up to her giant breasts, unrealistically tiny waist, and ability to do just about anything in the bedroom.

At the end of the day, she’s just a doll! Have fun, get creative, and then toss her back in the closet after sex – because no silicone replication can replace those post-coitus cuddles.