clifftop walk erotic story

Clifftop Walk – An Erotic Story

We were sitting on a bench watching Mable, our Labrador, edge closer towards the next sightseers enjoying their picnic – it was our away-day ritual — after the daily grind of work, we would decide to go down to the coast – near the cliffs preferably – to gather our thoughts and relax to the sounds of waves and squawking sea-gulls about to crap on us from high! – the sun reflecting light from the blue sea far below the cliffs – we were being slowly hypnotized by its flickering.

A sea-breeze swept up, causing me to involuntarily stiffen. I looked around nervously as I’d got into the spirit of the day by wearing shorts – okay, compared with some – I’ll rephrase that and call them “modesty guards” as shorts and me are not a natural combination. It was definitely getting cooler with either night or black ominous-looking clouds funnelling along the Channel from west to east – our direction!

“You look like you’re cold honey, are you?” Sandra stood there wrapped in her newly-acquired thick Michelin-woman anorak, her cheeks flushed from the breeze. She smiled that warm smile that turned many a male’s head, in fact, most men’s I’d had seen all day. My smile must have signalled “yes” ‘cause before I knew it, she’d positioned herself between my “going bluer-by-the-minute” legs, spread out and sat down, the picnic blanket spread evenly from her to me.

God it felt good to have Sandra next to me. Her body radiated heat, her body intoxicating – well, it was if you find coconut oil appealing. The light scent of her perfume and the clean, tropical smell of her hair confirmed she had showered earlier. My arms wrapped eagerly and purposely around her dainty waist, drawing her closer to me. She rocked back and forth, getting deeper into the warmth. I could feel my cock stirring and mentally tried to ignore any thoughts that were already clouding my judgement – but . . . that beautiful body so close . . .

“I love this time of year, just before spring, later to get dark, new life, plants, flowers, trees, leaves – a time for “growth” – renewal – the dawning of a new season, you could call it?” Her voice was just above a whisper. “The plants, fauna in this area are so magical.” I mumbled an affirmative, trying not to think of Brexit, Rugby, home-made soup but picking up on the “new season of growth” theme, felt my cock bulging to the love, intimacy generated by the lovely intoxicating lady in my arms. She leaned back, her blonde hair brushing against my cheek.

Without thinking, my hands wrapped tighter around her, feeling the warmth of her skin from underneath her now undone zip of her coat allowing access to the loose t-shirt she was wearing. She sighed softly as she savoured the late afternoon air. I turned my head and stared down into her eyes, no longer flickering with sunlight due to early onset of desk. She nestled her ass further down and she smiled knowingly. I looked around nervously. No one seemed to be paying us any attention, mainly because everyone else had gone home leaving us on the clifftop alone with the exception of one other parked car in the distance.

I looked down at the blanket covering us and tested it by moving my hands – saw and felt nothing. I decided to test my boundaries. I slid my hands up – along her waist, passing over and around the side of her breasts. She shifted, kissed me gently allowing me a bit more access. I gently massaged her breasts and felt her move her head to gasp gently into my ear. “I’ve been wanting to feel your hands on me all day, she giggled” She sucked and gently nibbled on my ear lobe, it was my turn to gasp.

I grabbed her breasts fiercely, feeling the stiffness of her bra. “Bugger, I thought, I hope it’s not one of those French-made ones that requires a locksmith to facilitate entry?” I needn’t have worried, ten expert fumbles later it slipped off as sweet as a nut!!

She smiled THAT smile, then reached out and manoeuvred her arm under my arm as I’d learnt over the years that having a completely numbed right hand isn’t the best way to satisfy your lady so, I lowered my head down to hers and we gently kissed. My hands slid under her t-shirt and back to her now perky breasts, feeling not only their fullness but excitedly noticing how hard and playful her nipples were – pressing hard against the t-shirt fabric.

Her hands went to mine and gently pulled them away from her breasts and, disappointingly from my viewpoint, started to get up. I felt a brief pang of disappointment until she turned around and held out her hand. I got up and took her hand and she led me – no, frog-marched me back towards the hotel.

We parked a fair way from the entrance but still a fair way from civilization, I followed dumbly – walking remarkably like a sea-crab in a vain attempt to hide my “todger”-bulge, my only thoughts in my little world was of her and the only thing connecting us was her hand as led me away from the entrance. 

Soon we found ourselves in a quiet clearing, the now emerging moon slightly shining down and painting her with a silver light. She stopped, turned, and kissed me hard, passionately. I recovered and explored her mouth as my hands held her tightly. She sucked on my lower lip and gently bit it and I moaned. She broke the kiss and I stood there, feeling drunk, my head swimming.

I saw her shed and de-grass the blanket [she’s so bloody practical] and lay it out on the ground taking time to straighten each ripple. She came up to me again and kissed me, her hand going to the bulge in my jeans. My hands slowly massaged her gently before moving one hand to her ass – the other returning to her lovely breasts.

She deftly unzipped my fly and worked her hand into my shorts and pulled out my throbbing cock. She slowly started stroking it, never breaking our kiss as I moaned at the sensation of her hand engulfing my cock. She broke the kiss and stepped back. I watched her pull her blouse/shirt over her head and then quickly undid her bra. I gulped as I took in her enchanting beauty, enhanced by the now shining silver light of the moon.

Her breasts were perfect, her wonderfully perked nipples [rarely] seen normally through the darkness created by thick velvet curtains had such a magical effect allowing her breasts to heave – raising and lowering rhythmically in unison with each breath, somehow, magically inviting me to suck and play with them. I looked up and stared into her eyes. She stared at me hungrily leaning forward kissing and caressing, gently squeezing her elegant neck, obviously the right move as her fingers immediately returned to my hard cock.

I moved my kisses from her lips to her neck as she worked to undo my pants. She gasped again as I took one, then alternating to both of her nipples and began to suck hard on them. My trousers – aided by lifting my back off the ground, her bra/t-shirt were quickly removed as she slid her hands to my ass and grasped it, her nails digging passionately into my flesh.

My hands moved slowly but lovingly down her body, sliding around her waist. I moved to the front and began to undo her jeans the top button of her jeans – her hands grabbed mine and she whispered huskily, “Not yet darling.” She sucked, blew and heavily breathed in my ear again and I uttered a growl, [not the best time to tease me] as being forced to wait for the immense pleasure of fucking her was to be postponed ‘til later.

She pulled/invited me down to the blanket and she kissed me as I slid next to her. She helped me take off my shirt [again] and began to kiss down my chest as my fingers stroked her cheek. Her hands grabbed my cock [again], this time around the balls as well. I stopped breathing, holding in anticipation as she gently blew on my sensitive cock. Sandra chuckled as I squirmed and then I felt the hotness of her breath engulf my head and felt the pressure as she sucked on my tip, her tongue playing skilfully with the head. Her hand began to gently slide up and down my cock.

She stroked my cock a few times, then the warmth of her mouth engulfed me again. Her tongue and fingers worked expertly as her lips slid up and down. My hands went into her hair, gently pulling her down as she drove me quickly to the edge. I whispered her name but as I did, she released me. My world was spinning, I barely felt her slide next to me.

She kissed me passionately again and my hands went back to her ass. We kissed, expressing our passions with our lips, our tongues. We explored each other, my hands gliding up to her breasts and massaging the nipples. Finally she broke our kiss and moaned softly into the night sky, her hips grinding on my chest.

I began to slide my hands down and undo her jeans again. She slapped playfully at my hands and in the night, I could see her flash that smile. She kissed me lightly again then stood up. I watched as her silver outline worked on her jeans I could hear the zipper go down and she turned her back to me. She slid out of her jeans, very slowly, and in the moonlight, I could see the outline of her ass and make out the tell-tale outline of a thong, though I could not tell the colour. She looked over her shoulder at me as she had bent completely at a 90 degree angle and smiled as I admired the view. I thought to myself, “funny place to store a bandage?”

She stepped out of her remaining clothes and straddled my hips. I could feel the fabric of her panties [all 2mm of it] and the heat of her pussy on my cock. She could feel it too and she slowly teased me. My hands slid up her legs, but she swatted them away again, grinding hard against my cock. I could feel the wetness of her on me and I ached to be inside her. I closed my eyes and moaned her name. I felt her warm body on my chest as she laid on me and kissed me again. She sat up and grabbed my cock with one hand and slid her panties to the side with the other as she guided me into her.

We both moaned with sensation and I could feel her shudder as I filled her. She slowly rocked her hips and I kept my hands firmly on her waist, guiding her speed. She moaned with every stroke. She was lost in the sensation, her speed picking up a bit as she arched her back. I slid my hand up and began rubbing her clit with my thumb. She let out a quiet scream of pleasure and her nails dug into my chest. She kept going, riding me, losing herself as I pounded into her again and again until finally, she threw her head back and screamed – [I wasn’t christened “Holy Shit” but it seemed appropriate at the time?]

I felt her whole body shudder as she came, her pussy gripping my cock as hard as it could as she rode. I moaned, too, overcome by the coolness of the night air and the warmth of her body on mine. A moment later, she collapsed on me and we kissed passionately again. I rolled her over to her back and kissed my way down her body, taking in her breasts, her nipples, her feet, toe’s – her entire body eventually. My hands grabbed her thong by the waist band and was delighted to pull them down revealing, surely, the most neat and tidy frontispiece on the planet. I kissed my way up her legs, nibbling and teasing the inside of her thighs as she squirmed in anticipation.

Arriving again at her pussy – Sandra smelt so womanly, wonderfully warm and welcoming. I kissed her lips and slid my tongue, flicking her clit left, right, round, up and down as my hands gently massaged her outer pussy. My lips encircled her clit and I began sucking as my fingers drove into her. She moaned loudly again. She didn’t care who heard. She moaned again and again as he legs went around me tightly. She lifted her ass off the ground and she shuddered again as her ass collapsed. But I needed to be in her.

I had her roll over to show me that gorgeous ass and got her on all fours as I slid into her again. I was mesmerized by the sight of her ass bouncing on my cock with each thrust. I grabbed her ass as I went harder into her, thrusting into her and hearing the smacking of our skin echoing in the trees, mingling with her moans. I slapped her ass once, caught up in the moment and wanting nothing more than her. She was my goddess, my singular focus in this world and she deserved to be worshipped.

I grabbed her ass hard with both hands as my sacrifice continued. I looked up, my eyes closed into the wonder of the stars as I slid my hands around her waist tightly. I held my goddess there for a moment as I thrust into her one more time as I exploded inside her, giving her everything of me. She shuddered again as I came into her. Finally, I collapsed next to her and we kissed again, my hand playfully twirling her curls. It wasn’t long until we staggered back to our hotel room, both quickly falling asleep, succumbing to the night’s sounds, warm in each other’s arms completely oblivious to two squirrels laughing their nuts off and Mabel – our Labrador still waiting to be fed!