Boy Toys: Dismantling the Stigma Surrounding Masturbation Cups

What’s the big deal about guys using sex toys, particularly male masturbators, cups and sleeves? Well, it depends who you ask.

The silence surrounding female masturbation has certainly done its damage to how we think about female pleasure, but thanks to something of a self-pleasure revolution (that we were happy to be part of), more and more people think of female masturbation as no big deal, or in fact, very normal and pretty awesome.

However, while attitudes toward male masturbation as a fact of life have long been held, there has also been a somewhat pervasive idea that it’s something to laugh about – or worse, that it’s somehow pathetic. This stigma sticks particularly to the use of sex toys, and is one that we’re just as keen to dismantle.

Male masturbators

What’s the Big Deal?

If we were going to get into the business of adult picture books, we would call our first one ‘Everybody Masturbates.’ Or at least, a majority of people do. How often and how exactly they go about pursuing their solo sexual satisfaction – now that can vary a lot.

We can speak first hand when it comes to the popularity of prostate massagers and yet when it comes to a certain type of male sex toy – referred to colloquially as everything from ‘pocket pussies’ to a truck driver’s best friend – there is an odd prevalence of the idea that if your hand works fine, purchasing a product like this is somehow indicative that the user is ‘too invested’ in their masturbation (read: weird).

Quite honestly, you could apply the same logic to anything – someone who dyes their hair is ‘too invested’ in how they look, when their natural color is just fine, for example. You really don’t need any other justification other than the fact that it feels good – some people are willing to spend a little extra time and effort to feel good and some aren’t.

(By the way, this says nothing of the fact that assuming everyone has the same masturbation ability when it comes to using their hands – sex when you have grip or mobility issues is certainly not impossible, just sometimes extra creative!)

Eggs, Sleeves & Cups

Right, so now that you’re convinced that judgments about how people masturbate and whether they use toys or not have no business being in your bedroom, let’s talk about the different types of toys are available.

The term ‘male masturbator’ is often used as an umbrella term to refer to a wide range of sex toys designed to for the user to put their penis into while masturbating. They use a variety of textures and pressures to mimic your orifice of choice, and voila!

However, that particular style of masturbation sleeve that you may be used to seeing, with a rigid outer casing and a squishy, removable inside, has some definite drawbacks. For one, many of them are quite heavy, and quite expensive. If you’re not sure if you’d like the sensation of masturbation toy like this, we’d suggest checking out masturbation eggs – they’re small squishy ‘eggs’ that are designed for single use (you can clean them but they won’t hold up to that many uses).

If your previous experience with sex toys has been with those of the vibrating massager variety with a partner, and you wish you could have something like that, but designed for your body, then you’re in luck!

The Next Step in Male Sex Toy Tech

The F1S Prototype and the F1S Developer’s Kit are the latest pleasure innovations from LELO and they’re ready to rock your world.

Since the huge splash that SONA made last year, LELO fans have been clamoring to see the same sonic wave sensations (SenSonic™ technology) and Cruise Control in a product made for men. Not only do both satisfy that exact desire, the F1S can be connected to your smartphone by Bluetooth, and a LELO app which adds an extra immersive experience to male pleasure.