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The Best Sex Positions for Seniors and People with Mobility Issues

While  most Kama Sutra guides focus on feats meant for the truly acrobatic—fun to try but perhaps not sustainable—it’s also important to look at how your favorite sex positions can be altered and adapted for different needs.

Did you know that up to 84% of men and 73% of women report a significant decrease in the frequency of coupled sex when they’re suffering from back pain? X’s and O’s has created this fantastic infographic that’s perfect for senior sex, or having sex with anyone of limited mobility, because whether from injury, disability or old age, your sex life shouldn’t have to suffer due to painful joints or decreased flexibility! With a bit of extra care and know-how, there are ways to enjoy sex no matter what your level of ability may be.

We hope you enjoy this guide to sex positions for older people and anyone else who has limited mobility, and we hope you leave us comments with other coping strategies you’ve discovered!

The Best Sexual Positions for People with Limited Mobility

Image courtesy of X’s and O’s.

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