forced feminization

A Fantasy without Guilt? What is Forced Feminization?

We love learning about and seeing people engage in acts that make them feel good, great, and absolutely fantastic! So when we hear of male-indentifying submissives living their best lives with their dominants during a scene of forced feminization, it’s like music to our ears.

forced feminization

Now some of you may not have heard of the term ‘forced feminization,’ which is totally fine. This kind of play is mainly practiced in the BDSM scene, and it’s not for everyone. If you’re intrigued however, let’s indulge…

What is Forced Feminization?

Forced feminization is when a dominant partner makes their submissive (one who identifies as a male), assume a feminine role. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘sissification’ and there are several different ways that a couple can enjoy this type of play. 

For example, ‘sissy training’ is when a submissive partner is trained in femininity over time. In this case, the submissive will not only be able to practice forced feminization tailored to the dominant’s liking, but also in such a way that they too feel comfortable.

Forced feminization need not be sexual in nature, but it can be. This kind of practice usually involves an aspect of consented humiliation.

Side note: just because the word ‘forced’ encompasses forced feminization, it’s important to realise that it is not actually forced, but rather creating the feeling that it is forced. This type of activity requires consent from both partners.

Is Forced Feminization Just a Fancy Word for Crossdressing?

There are various types of crossdressing. Some individuals may enjoy crossdressing purely for themselves, whether they’re in a dom/sub relationship or not. Forced feminization is a fetish-based category of crossdressing. 

Some may enjoy being a submissive in a dom/sub relationship, practicing forced feminization, because they may not fully understand what it entails, and they may want to explore the idea with the help of a dominant. But, of course, there are other reasons why forced feminization is so appealing. 

Why is Forced Feminization So Appealing?

Apart from the guidance a submissive can receive from their dominant within this realm, there are other reasons why one may love practicing this kink. Some reasons may include:

  • The fantasy aspect of it all
  • It’s a way to be more expressive without a desire to be transgender
  • Having the outlet to express femininity without feeling guilty (think ‘toxic masculinity’)

This last point is an important one, as men are so often pressured by society to act a certain way. With forced feminization, a submissive can indulge in new parts of themselves by experimenting with sensual aspects that are so-called ‘feminine’. Things such as silky lingerie, bubble baths, or being lusted after could be appealing for a submissive.

The word ‘femininity’ also may represent positive attributes to some, such as being clean, polite, and pretty. 

Forced Feminization: A Way to Indulge in a Fantasy Without Shame or Guilt?

The majority of us have fantasies, this is true. But when a fantasy comes with feelings of shame or guilt, it often makes us believe that said-fantasy is dirty or wrong. 

However, engaging in forced feminization gives a submissive the chance to pretend to be reluctant while actually wanting the treatment. Their ‘protests’ are surface-deep, while their fantasies are being deeply experienced. The word “forced” leaves the submissive to believe that they themselves did not choose to be feminine, which can remove a lot of guilt. 

What can also be appealing about the fact that it is “forced,” is that it’s more likely to happen, making it more realistic and thus more arousing

A great example would be that of Pavlov’s Dog. The opportunity to indulge is almost presented to them on a silver platter, as if it were the dom serving the sub. 

Examples of Forced Feminization

While each dom/sub relationship is unique, here are some examples of forced feminization that a dominant may require of their submissive (with consent, of course):

  • Dressing up in feminine costumes, such as school girl or French maid outfits
  • Shaving all of their body hair
  • Wearing women’s underwear
  • Wearing makeup
  • Dressing up in revealing outfits and then being ‘slut shamed’
  • Wearing a chastity device for being promiscuous
  • Tucking away male genitals
  • Sitting, walking, or acting in a feminine manner
  • Performing more female-gendered roles
  • Being instructed on how to behave or talk
  • Being restrained
  • Receiving anal sex with a strap on dildo
  • Calling their male anatomy by female terms, like clitoris, breasts, or vagina

So, just like any other fantasy, kink, or fetish, forced feminization can look very different from couple to couple. And if it’s practiced safely, sanely, and consensually, can be super rewarding and satisfying for both dominants and submissives who share an interest in this kind of play. 

If you’re intrigued, there’s a slew of diverse and amazing people out there. We say, go out and find your tribe!