earth day ways lelo stays green

Happy Earth Day! 5 Ways LELO Stays Green

In honor of Earth Day and the importance of taking care of the planet, we’re sharing how we take green measures for your eco-friendly pleasure. The extra time and care that go into our designs not only allow us to leave the smallest environmental impact possible, but also ensure that you get to enjoy a quality pleasure object with even greater peace of mind.

So, in honor of Earth Day, we thought we’d share the top five ways LELO is keeping it green and clean for our dear Mother Earth.

earth day ways lelo stays green

1. Rechargeable batteries

LELO was the first company – and is still the only company – to use eco-friendly, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in all of our products. With a life span of up to 6,000 charges, lithium-ion batteries have one of the best energy densities available, as well as a slow loss of charge when not in use. To put that into perspective, even if you drain and recharge your LELO’s battery every day for 10 years, you will still only have charged it 3,650 times! That means you’ll never have to throw away a disposable battery, so you can enjoy your LELO safe in the knowledge that it’s the greenest option around.

2. Phthalate-free

Unlike some plastic vibes, all LELOs are completely phthalate-free. If you’re not familiar with phthalates, they’re chemicals added to plastic as a cheap way of increasing its flexibility and durability, but which are easily leached away and absorbed into the body or the environment. And that can be seriously bad news – phthalates are toxic, marked by the FDA as a possible cancer risk, and can even disrupt the body’s delicate balance by mimicking hormones. LELO’s 100% FDA-approved silicone contains no harmful chemicals that can tarnish Mother Nature, in sharp contrast with some other products on the market.

3. Manufactured Entirely In-House

To properly oversee the entire process all the way from development to packaging, we manufacture all LELO products in-house. Everything we make strictly complies with the standards for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) as well as Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). But it’s not just about meeting the standards – keeping everything in-house gives us and our customers the assurance that LELO products are safe and kind to the environment.

4. Uncompromising Quality

Without a shadow of a doubt, silicone is the ideal material for vibrators – not only because it is silky smooth and body-safe, but because of its nonporous surface, which makes it easy to clean and prevents it from harboring any surface bacteria. And as we only use premium materials and high-quality components, our products are so long-lasting that we cover every one with a 10-Year Quality Guarantee. Since your LELO will keep going for longer than any other product on the market, this reduces the amount of discarded toys filling up landfills!

5. Our Environmental Policy

At LELO we care deeply about the environment, and since we are the only company in the industry to completely control our own production facilities, we are able to take charge of our carbon footprint and take steps to reduce our impact on Mother Earth. Spanning all areas of manufacturing, we’re continually looking for new ways to further decrease our material, water and energy waste, as well as our CO2 output. It’s these constant efforts that make LELO’s products both the finest and the greenest pleasure objects in the world.