multiple orgasm day

The more the merrier – your how-to guide for multiple orgasming during masturbation

Ok, let’s be honest, we all LOVE a good orgasm – it’s reducing stress, relieving pain, boosting confidence and even beating insomnia! Now, the equation is simple – the more orgasms you have, more relaxed and healthier you’ll be. That’s why you should consider trying to achieve more than one wave of pure joy and satisfaction. 

Here are some things you need to know before you touch yourself. There are several types of multiple orgasms and neither is “better” than the other – all of our bodies are completely different. Do what feels the best for you!

multiple orgasm day

Compound singles: Each orgasm is separate and definite, with a return to a partially unaroused state between each peak. 

Sequential multiple: Each orgasm occurs two to 10 minutes apart, with minimal reduction in arousal in between. 

Serial multiple: Orgasms are separated by seconds or just a minute. It can feel like one long orgasm with spasms of varying intensity. 

And now to the fun bit: follow these steps and come and come again!

Step 1: Set the Mood – Feel Sexy

You have a better chance of repeatedly climaxing if you have your ideal sexy set-up: lighting, location, music, scents, toys, visual inspiration – whatever normally gets you in the mood. And of course, you’ll need lots of time – roommate and phone-free time. 

Step 2: Train Your Body – Discover the Possibilities

Once you’re feeling sexy, move on to the body and genital stimulation. Take it slowly and try delaying orgasm until you can’t hold out anymore. You can significantly increase the amount of sexual tension coursing through your body as your body starts to be trained to rise and fall.

Step 3: Orgasm – Oh Yea!

Let go and have one. Do whatever it works for you – manual, toys, rubbing! But when you start to calm down don’t stop. Keep going, meaning stay in the position you were in and try to retake all the steps that led you to your first orgasm.

Step 4: Start Again and Enjoy Again

Begin stimulating your clitoris (most women have more success with clitoral stimulation when it comes to orgasming) again as long as it doesn’t feel too sensitive. The “come-down” might take 10-30 seconds, so feel free to take a break if you need to. Most importantly, let go of expectations. Focus on finding that pleasure spot again, even if doesn’t lead to a peak. Breathe deeply, extend your arousal time and just enjoy the moment and the pleasure you get out of it.

Your hands WILL get tired and this is where the toys come in. For the purpose of multiple orgasming, any type of toy you love will do, but we especially recommend SONA Cruise as its sonic waves focus on clitoral stimulation and there is no penetration – which can sometimes feel too intense after the first orgasm. If you’re still the kind of girl who needs a bit of inner play to achieve the big O’s, you can try the amazing GIGI2 which takes G-Spot orgasms to a whole new level.

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