how to use smart wand 2

How To Use Smart Wand 2 Massage Wand

Our new Smart Wand 2 massage wand is the ultimate tool for making you orgasm while looking and feeling luxurious. With the two different sizes available, Medium and Large, everyone can find something perfect for them.

how to use smart wand 2

Find out why you want to choose LELO’s massage wand over other toys on the market and how to use the Smart Wand 2 massage wand if you’re new to this iconic toy. 

Why Choose Smart Wand 2 Massage Wand

Long-lasting charge. Smart Wand 2 Large lasts up to 4 hours, which will give you plenty of playtime with the toy. 

100% waterproof. This massager wand has a unique design that’s 100% waterproof, making it convenient to use in the bath. And it makes the clean-up that much faster, which puts Smart Wand 2 ahead of other massage wands on the market. 

Comfortable and luxurious. The design is modern and sleek, with a curve that makes using Smart Wand 2 super comfortable and easy. Also, the golden handle is chic and will make you feel like a million bucks.

Multipurpose. Do your muscles ache? Maybe you have terrible neck pain? Or are you just craving a quick but intense orgasm? Smart Wand 2 can help you satisfy all of your needs. 

How To Use Smart Wand 2 Massage Wand


If you’re not familiar with the magic of massage wands, then you probably don’t know how to use our Smart Wand 2 massage wand. But don’t worry, we have great tips to get you started:

1. Warm-up

The pleasure is always better when you have a warm-up before using a toy. And while you might want to use the toy as a form of foreplay before intercourse with your partner, it might still be a good idea to get yourself warmed up beforehand. 

Get your blood pumping with your fingers, or if you’re with your partner, then with theirs. It will make every sensation so much better once you’re ready to bring the Smart Wand 2 into the mix, so don’t rush and take your time.  

2. Mindful Play

If you’re using Smart Wand 2 by yourself, then you might want to look into the tantric masturbation techniques as the massager wand is perfect for slow and sensual play. 

The primary point of tantric sex, solo or partnered, is to focus on sensations and practice deep breathing instead of rushing to the finish line. So, lay down comfortably and run the Smart Wand 2 over your whole body, trying to focus on how the vibrations feel on different parts.

Run the head of the massage wand over your neck, shoulders, avoiding the breasts at first and focusing solely on secondary erogenous zones. Feel the vibrations on your hands, tips of your fingers, your belly, and your outer thighs. It will surely feel nice, and the anticipation of pleasure waiting ahead of you will make things more exciting. 

The same principle applies if you’re using Smart Wand 2 with your partner. Let your partner explore your body with the wand, or you take control and run the vibrating wand over your partner’s body, letting them experience different sensations. 

3. Kinky Play with a Partner

Smart Wand 2 is perfect for some kinky play with your partner. If you’re into edging or orgasm control, this massage wand can help build the tension very effectively. 

Tie up your partner so you have full control, touch their body with the wand all over, bringing them to the brick of orgasm before denying it, and then repeat the action. 

If the vibrations are too harsh at first or if you want to tease your partner even more, add a barrier between their body and the wand, muffling the vibrations and adding friction from a different texture over their intimate parts. It’s a sure-fire way to drive them out of their mind. 

Or you can give your partner control over your orgasms. Let them tie you up and use the Smart Wand 2 alone or together with other toys and their hands to give you orgasms however they please. Smart Wand 2 is a perfect tool for every pleasure dom. 

4. Experiment with Different Positions

As you already know, Smart Wand 2 is a great toy to add to your sex routine with a partner. And multiple different positions are worth trying while using the massage wand. 

When you’re in the Missionary, slip the wand between your bodies, letting it rest over your clit. Smart Wand 2 is sleek enough with a comfortable handle that will allow you to hold it easily in place. Every time your partner thrusts, you’ll get the added stimulation for intense full-body orgasms. 

If you’re a fan of the Doggy position, then there are two variations you want to try. First, get on all fours on the bed. Then, when your partner penetrates from behind, they can hold the wand pressed to your clit, or you can hold it yourself with one hand. 

Another option would be to place a few pillows under your belly so you could lean on them. Then take the Smart Wand 2 and lean it against the pillows. Lie down on the pillows so that your clit rubs against the wand.

When your partner penetrates you from behind, you’ll be grinding your clit against the toy, getting the best of both worlds. 

5. Keep Moving

Massage wand vibrations are intense, and if you keep the toy in one spot for too long, you risk losing the sensation as your clit goes numb. Not to worry, though — it’s not something that’ll last long, and once you take a break, the sensations will return. 

To avoid any feelings of numbness when you’re using the Smart Wand 2, move the wand around from your clit to your vagina and back again. Then, rub the toy all over yourself. The vibrations will feel good all over, not only on the clit. 

If you’re warmed up enough, you can even try inserting the head inside your vagina, seeing whether you enjoy shallow penetration. Keeping things moving when using the Smart Wand 2 guarantees zero numbness and maximum pleasure. 

How To Take Care of Your Smart Wand 2 Massage Wand

Because Smart Want 2 is 100% waterproof, it’s very easy to clean. First, use the LELO Toy Cleaner to clean the toy after you’re done using it. Alternatively, antibacterial soap and warm water also work well. Finally, dry it well before storing it in the satin pouch that comes with the toy until next use. 

Before using Smart Want 2 for the first time, don’t forget to charge it for 2.5 hours if you’re using the Large version and 2 hours if you’re using the Medium. 

Also, when you’re choosing the lube to use with your Smart Wand 2, stick with water-based lubricants to prevent the silicone of the toy from becoming permanently sticky.