Sex Tape Tips

LELO Tips: How to Make a Sex Tape

Are you and your partner a pair of erotic auteurs? In this day and age, when we all have the equivalent of a hi-def camera in our pockets, there seems to be no better and easier time than now, no? 

Sex Tape Tips

With the right person — and ALWAYS with their knowledge and consent — making a sex tape with a partner can be an extra hot level you add to the experience, or at the very least a good laugh shared between the two of you. Just like with any kind of artistic or erotic endeavor, it’ll take some practice, some adjustment and some tips from your good friends here at LELO. 

Now’s a good time to reiterate that this is someone you should have full trust in, we’re talking a no revenge-porn kinda person, because that qualifies as a lack of consent too. Sharing is only caring if everyone’s on the same page about it.

Now back to the fun. Before you hit record, keep some of these sex tape tips in mind.

Be the filmmaker with total creative control

We’re not talking about being able to ignore notes from studio execs while you make your magnum opus, but it is similar. Chances are you’ll be doing your raunchy recording on a phone camera, but whatever you choose, make sure that it is YOUR device. This gives you complete control over the final cut and ultimately who gets to see it. 

Exerting this kind of control over the final product (read: your sex video) will be your most reliable way of keeping it off of the hard drives of total strangers and going out to the internet at large. To be extra safe, practise the ‘delete and repeat’ method: after making your sexy video, watch it together with your partner and then delete it, taking a page from SnapChat. This method gives you extra peace of mind, and means you’ll always require another take, with all the fun that involves!

Find the right lighting

For your movie debut, its vitally important to nail the lighting — because let’s be honest, seeing people going at it under a single uncovered light bulb is not a good look. Any amateur lighting director, or even a live streamer, can tell you that the secret to lighting is to keep it low and soft. This means that if your lights have a dimmer, turn it down. 

Even more ideal are movable light sources like lamps or some lit candles, which will allow you to position them in any way you want. 

Location, location, location

Choose a location in which you’ll be in total control of on-set elements like lighting, temperature, and sound; basically, a place where you’ll be comfortable filming like in your house. Sex in public is not normally the best time to start experimenting with making a sex video, so an indoor location you’re familiar with is hands-down the best locale for filming. Think of it like a soundstage for your motion picture of pleasure! 

Choose a role and dress the part

Acting for the camera is always much easier if you have a role to inhabit. In this vein, you and your partner should try dressing up or bringing in props to get into character. Pop on your most conservative outfit and be the schoolmarm disciplining their very naughty — and very age-appropriate — student. Lest we forget that sex toys also qualify as accessories, and some of them are even “wearable”. Props are the most fun when they can give you the chills too. Plus it’s important to spice things up every once in awhile. 

Bottom line though, don’t start your video totally naked. Use this opportunity to get into the lingerie you rarely wear, or any outfit you only save for special occasions when you want to feel sexy or simply look good. 

Forget about the camera, and have fun with it!

When it comes to the camera and being natural in your sex video, sollow the rule of ‘set it and forget it’. Simply get the camera placed where you want it and then just give yourself into the sensual experience. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to try those sex positions you’ve been wondering about. But above all, keep an open mind and just be open to having fun as you share this unique and enjoyable experience with a partner. Besides, it’s enjoyment that will come through and be evident in the final footage!